I don"t understand if it"s a problem at all, but this is the critical mission the I require for 100% and also it does not appear, ns mean, it"s inactive for an ext than a mainly (ingame time). Very first I speak to the man, then I recognize that we need to go because that cueva seca because that the 2nd encounter, but I don"t watch it purple for a long time. How many weeks come we have to wait?



EDIT: discovered him. Because that anyone else looking, here"s what the Wiki says:


This collection of Stranger Missions involves finding Sam in various places and watching the result story. The basic area of every encounters ~ the very first are significant on her map, return his precise location have to be discovered by searching.




To obtain to the third encounter, zoom in on words Tumbleweed (on her map), follow the track North from the letter D in Tumbleweed and you will find him on the side of the road on the right (poking the ground through a stick). Sam pulls a gun on Marston and then runs away.

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Edited June 8, 2010 by Solace
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California Stranger task problem

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