Hello, glowing Realmers,

In this update, we reshaped the Star Ranks, re-decorated the Nexus, and fixed a few bugs.

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If you acquired curious and also want to know more, here are the changes that affect the game:

Star Ranks

For those of friend who have actually seen and also tried the new Star Ranks, we would favor you to recognize that us gathered your feedback and also it’s being taken right into consideration. Yes, the course quests are changing. Together we stated before, we store reviewing and adjusting the call values. Because of the new way of gaining Fame, Star Ranks gained to a allude where they to be much less complicated to acquire and also thus much less representative the the player’s mastery that the various classes.

We desire to change that. We want to make Star ranks somewhat much more aligned v your mastery over a class, and we decided to introduce some necessary variations come how course Quests room unlocked:

Now it is unlocked based on the base Fame (the reputation you achieve while you room alive through a solitary character, there is no Fame Bonuses). This way you have to be alive and also acquire a large enough lot of fame (Bonuses not counted) ~ above a single character to unlock the course Quests stars.Also, we boosted the costs and reviewed them v the present base fame growth rate us observe from our data.

Overall, these room the brand-new Base Fame prices of each course Quest star. These space the same for every Classes:

Class quest StarBefore (Total Fame)Now (Base Fame)
First Star2020
Second Star150500
Third Star4001500
Fourth Star8005000
Fifth Star200015000

These alters will be retroactive, which means that players who don’t accomplish the criteria can be readjusted come a lower Star Rank. Now, obtaining a White Star will certainly be a bit more complicated and an superior feat!

Fame ChangesFame Bonuses tweaks:Beachzone currently correctly counts completionsHeroic Abyss that Demons and Heroic Undead Lair no longer have actually Fame Bonus associated.“Seasons’ Beatin” and “Realm of the mad God” reputation Bonuses currently require Beachzone however not Heroic Abyss of Demons no one Heroic Undead Lair.Fame acquire per minutesUntil now, players would earn a tiny bit the Fame accounting for the moment you room “active”.However the quantity earned by this an approach was irrelevant and also even confusing. So us have determined to deprecate this mechanic.While the stats will certainly still be tracked by the system, no Fame will be obtained with time.XP-to-Fame conversionWe have decided to simplify and also deprecate the old call conversion formula. Now it will certainly be excellent in 2 phases rather of the vault 5.Phase 1: up to 18050 XP (Total XP to with LVL 20) Fame is precious ~1:900 XP (x0.00111)Phase 2: For above 18050 XPFame is precious 1:2000 XP (x0.0005)In short, this means that every 2000 XP you acquire with your character (assuming LVL 20) girlfriend will acquire 1 Fame.Story Of battle VI
Paladin set Credits:

Design: DystratixSpecial thanks: Aurum, Moonshoot, Seelpit

Trickster collection Credits:

Design: Moonshoot, AurumArt: Aurum, MaelstromSpecial thanks: Deplington, Seelpit

The ones past the realm’s eyes, the Daeva, have actually been witnessed for the an initial time in generations. As reticent together ever, their exact goals room unclear. However there is no doubt that they would certainly not disclose themselves if no for sensing some great disruption in the bespeak of the realm.

That disruption is surely concerned a more unnerving vision in recent days: Corrupted paladins, wholly topic to the whims of the lingering evil the realm’s heroes know all too well. These twisted entities have actually rejected the holy nature that paladins and embraced a far much more malicious force. Powerful, yes, however such strength never comes without consequence.Today we are excited to lug you the bonus program “Story of war VI.” We space sure many of girlfriend are already familiar with exactly how these go, yet we will explain it anyway:

The bonus regime is a time-limited occasion that deserve to be accessed in the Shop. It permits players to collection Bonus Points v gold they spend in the Shop (or through directly an increasing it via the rise button) and claim Bonus Rewards. You can collect BP through purchasing secret Boxes, Packages, and also Items in the Nexus and also Cloth Bazar locations with kingdom gold.

Please keep in mind that slot unlockers and name transforming do not count for the bonus program. Fame purchases do not count, either.

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Avarice Medallions will have actually an choice to reward the Mini Skin, and also in two neat quests at the Tinkerer, you’ll have the ability to swap a duplicate mini skin because that a new an enig ST Crate that the same class.More details below:

Start: June 29th, 2021End: July 15th, 2021 at 12:00 pm UTCGrace Period: it rotates July 19th, 2021 in ~ 12:00 pm UTCQuests in ~ the Tinkerer: it spins July 19th, 2021 at 12:00 pm UTC
RanksBonus rewardTotal PointsTier Points
11 x battle STory Chest12001200
21 x battle STory Chest24001200
31 x war STory Chest36001200
41 x battle STory Chest48001200
51 x war STory Chest62001400
61 x battle STory Chest76001400
72 x battle STory Chest90001400
81 x Avarice Medallion106001600
91 x battle STory Chest136003000
103 x battle STory Chest166003000
113 x war STory Chest208004200
122 x war STory Chest + 1 x Avarice Medallion260005200
134 x battle STory Chest326006600
143 x battle STory Chest362003600
152 x battle STory Chest + 1 x Avarice Medallion416005400
166 x war STory Chest486007000
172 x battle STory Chest + 1 x Avarice Medallion531004500
185 x war STory Chest + 1 x Avarice Medallion620008900
19Corrupted Paladin set + Mini Skin7250010500
20Daeva Fighter Trickster collection + Mini Skin8300010500
Other Changes:Added Summer decorations come the NexusBug Fixes:Fixed a grammatical error in the Infernal Archdragon tooltipNotifications noted in the Log perform no longer appear overlapped through messages pop-ups in the chat consoleFixed a an insect that led to the video game to lag and skip a few frames when a user clicked the log in list.Fixed the issue that caused the Whisper duty to not work-related properly.Fixed the worry where equipping ‘Entropy Reactor’ temporarily increases the attack fame bonus along with attack stats. Now after equipping the item, the user it s okay increased attack stats only and also no attack fame bonusThe stats are now sorted in a way to attain consistency across all equipment.Note:

There is one error through the trickster ST Ring name on the ST crate description. It’s written Regalia that Justice, but the actual name is Flames that Genesis.