Janice: Retail value for a gun in the condition stated would range from $75 come $125 depending upon mechanical and also bore condition and also remaining initial wood and metal finish.

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Lisa: Retail value for a pistol in the condition stated would selection from $125 come $150 depending upon mechanical and also bore condition and also remaining initial wood and metal finish.


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I have small to no knowledge about guns. I"ve simply inherited this .25 raven eight gun v turquoise grips and also sterling silver- holster. Any info on it like manufacturing company, date, history, etc. Would certainly be greatly appreciated. For example (remember I"m a newbie) why carry out I see various company"s do this gun and also calling that the same prefer Phoenix for instance. I"ve also never seen one online, or anywhere for that matter, with turquoise.

Those room the fanciest grips i have ever before seen on any type of Raven pistol come date. They appear to be made out of yes, really turquoise, is the correct? very same with the holster.

This design of pistol was designed by George Jennings together a replacement because that the cheap "Saturday Night Specials" that had actually been banned for importation with the Gun regulate Act the 1968. Raven began production of this pistol in 1970, and continued to make them till the plant shed down in 1991. In 1978, his son Bruce developed another agency called Jennings weapons which do a virtually similar model. A few years later on a kid in legislation Jim Davis started a company called Davis markets that do a version of the same straightforward design. After the Raven manufacturing facility fire, a group of former employees began Phoenix arms which likewise continued to do this model. Therefore this explains why you see similar guns with various names. In essence they are made by related entities and also or human being that space related and also they have actually all capitalized top top the sector for really inexpensive handguns after income of similar low top quality handguns to be banned. Crow alone sold about two million of them end the finish production run.

There to be a couple of variations over the years. I think yours is the second variation that was made. The grips are definitely custom made and also were never available by the manufacturing facility like that. In reality the grips and also holster are most likely worth an ext than the gun itself to the right buyer.