Which come first, the Carnegie or the Twain?

A guy with one watch constantly knows what time it is,a guy with two watches is never ever sure.

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Source unknown (to me, for this reason far).

When I first investigated increase the quotation about `... Watch thatbasket" I uncovered a quote which attributed Mark Twain.One standard referral says:


Put all your eggs in the one basket and --- WATCH the BASKET.Pudd"nhead Wilson, Pudd"nhead Wilson"s Calendar, Chap. 15

Familiar Quotations, man Bartlett, Thirteenth Edition, 1955.

Having only one reference, I thought it.

Since I"ve placed my web page up one the internet it has involved my attentionthat many human being attribute the quip come Andrew Carnegie.As Twain and Carnegie wereastute, intelligent, and literate contemporaries,the beginning of the phrase could be through either,or both of them might be using a phrase from one earlierwork by someone else.

Twain"s Claim

Carnegie"s Claim

Andrew Carnegie <1837-1919>used the phrase in the essayHow to success in Life.Copies that the essay ~ above the web(one,two)are indigenous 1903, yet they sayFrom The Pittsburg Bulletin, 19 December 1903. Reprinted native the new YorkTribune..I have not yet found any type of reference come the date of publicationin the brand-new York Tribune.

A page entitledFacts about Andrew Carnegiesays the phrase was native Carnegie and"Later obtained by note Twain".I enquired to the owner of the site and also was told the informationcomes from the story "Andrew Carnegie" through Joseph Frazier Wall(University that Pittsburg Press, 1989, web page 197).

Prior Research

I found a library with two execution ofThe Home publication of Quotations: Classical and Modernedited by Burton Stevenson.The 1934 edition, on web page 532, gives a quote of`Andrew Carnegie. (Hendrick, Life.)"for the quotation.In the Tenth edition, released in 1967, web page 532 look at identicalexcept the citation because that the quotation is`Mark Twain, Pudd"n head Wilsons Calendar.)".Something happened in between 1934 and 1967 to cause Burton Stevensonto adjust the citation -- i hope it was mindful research.The actual readjust probably taken place earlier, asThe Home book of Proverbs, Maxims and also Familiar Phrasesedited through Burton Stevenson (1948) credits mark Twain v thequotation on web page 672.

No Resolution

I"ve just started this research.I lean toward Twain due to the fact that of the previously citation,the change by Burton Stevenson,and since Twain was in the quip-writing business,but i would favor to spend more time looking into this.

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If you have any type of earlier citations by Carnegie (or Twain, or anyone),or any type of other information on the beginning of the phrase`... Watch that basket", pleaseso I deserve to improve to this page.