Timing Belt Replacement Service

How much does a Timing Belt Replacement cost?

On average, the price for a Chrysler PT Cruiser Timing Belt Replacement is $857 via $287 for parts and also $570 for labor. Prices might vary relying on your place.

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CarServiceEstimateShop/Dealer Price
2008 Chrysler PT CruiserL4-2.4LService typeTiming Belt ReplacementEstimate$1409.63Shop/Dealer Price$1630.82 - $2136.85
2003 Chrysler PT CruiserL4-2.4LService typeTiming Belt ReplacementEstimate$1260.91Shop/Dealer Price$1480.04 - $1979.63
2008 Chrysler PT CruiserL4-2.4L TurboService typeTiming Belt ReplacementEstimate$1317.20Shop/Dealer Price$1557.25 - $2130.91
2001 Chrysler PT CruiserL4-2.4LService typeTiming Belt ReplacementEstimate$1191.42Shop/Dealer Price$1399.88 - $1879.09
2004 Chrysler PT CruiserL4-2.4LService typeTiming Belt ReplacementEstimate$1260.91Shop/Dealer Price$1480.14 - $1979.80
2009 Chrysler PT CruiserL4-2.4LService typeTiming Belt ReplacementEstimate$1269.63Shop/Dealer Price$1490.93 - $1997.05
2010 Chrysler PT CruiserL4-2.4LService typeTiming Belt ReplacementEstimate$1304.63Shop/Dealer Price$1524.98 - $2030.38
2009 Chrysler PT CruiserL4-2.4L TurboService typeTiming Belt ReplacementEstimate$1399.69Shop/Dealer Price$1646.41 - $2225.07

What is a timing belt and how does it work?

An engine timing belt is a fiber reinrequired, toothed drive belt manufactured using sturdy compounds such as very saturated nitrile. The timing belt permits the crankshaft to drive the camshafts in the cylinder head at fifty percent the RPMs of the crankshaft. The camshafts then open and also cshed the engine’s intake and exhaust valves in time via the motion and position of the pisloads in the engine.


When to rearea the timing belt?

Eextremely 60k-90k miles. If an engine is equipped through a timing belt, the timing belt must be reput at the service interval specified by the auto manufacturer regardless of whether or not any type of problem is visible, commonly in the range of 60,000 to 90,000 miles. Your vehicle owner’s hands-on must state the particular organization interval.Engine stops abruptly or will certainly not begin. Occasionally, timing belts have the right to break, or skip, while the engine is running.Rough engine operation. The molded, reincompelled teeth on the timing belt engage gears on the crankshaft and camshafts. After many kind of tens of countless miles, the teeth deserve to wear or break, or the belt have the right to stretch, for this reason causing the belt to jump place on the crankshaft or camshaft gears. Should the belt jump, the engine will run poorly and also possibly not at all.Banging or clanking engine noise. On some engines, if the timing belt has actually jumped, the pisloads and also valves deserve to collide and tright here will be noise and damage. These engine deindications are described as interference engines. If your auto has actually an interference engine, replacing the timing belt according to the maintenance schedule will certainly minimize the opportunity that a belt faientice will cause engine damage.

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How execute mechanics replace the timing belt?

Engine deindicators vary, and also for this reason the replacement procedure will vary, yet broadly, the procedure is as follows:

Disaffix the battery ground cable.Once the engine is cold, collection the crankshaft to optimal dead center with the number one piston on the compression stroke. Rerelocate crankshaft wheel.Rerelocate all accessories interfering through the removal of the timing belt covers. Remove timing belt covers. Lock camshafts, as forced, and also note position of camshaft timing marks. Remove timing belt tensioner and also idler pulleys. Remove timing belt.If replacing the water pump, do so at this time, and also of course drain the cooling system initially. If the engine cooling system thermostat is only obtainable via water pump replacement, the thermostat have to be replaced also.Installation of the new timing belt includes every one of the above steps, percreated in reverse, adhering to strict guidelines to ascertain camshaft and also crankshaft (and also balancing shaft, if equipped) are in perfect alignment after tensioner has actually been set.Upon completion of the installation, the engine crankshaft is turned by hand also 720 levels and the correct position of the timing marks on the crankshaft and the camshafts is evidenced.The vehicle is road tested to confirm normal operation and a company sticker is affixed to the engine noting the day of belt replacement and the automobile mileage.

Is it safe to drive with a timing belt problem?

No, were a worn out timing belt to snap while undermeans, possibly on a highway, it creates a hazard of finish loss of engine power while surrounded by quick moving vehicles. Once your auto has got to the recommfinished replacement mileage for the belt, you have the right to get rid of the danger of sudden and also unsupposed timing belt breakage by having it replaced. If your engine is of the interference type, it is specifically essential to replace the belt according to the maintenance schedule because sudden breakage of the timing belt, while the engine is running, will most likely cause substantial damages to inner engine components such as the valves and also pislots.

When replacing the timing belt store in mind:

An interference engine have to be very closely inspected before a broken timing belt is replaced because it may have actually continual damages that will certainly have to be repaired prior to installing a new belt.The timing belt mechanism contains idler pulleys and a belt tensioner. These components need to be reput along with the belt. On some cars, the timing belt drives the engine’s water pump. Mechanics will certainly generally recommend replacing the water pump at the very same time that the timing belt is reinserted.

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