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The exactly answer is Software, hardware.

The software offers the instruction because that hardware come follow.

Key Points

Software refers to the set or series, of indict or programs, the tell the hardware what to do.It is the combination of Instructions and Data, that forms the building blocks that applications such as Word Processor, computer Game, or Spreadsheet.The main purpose of the software is to procedure the data right into information.
Software split into two categories
System SoftwareApplication Software
Operating SystemMedical Software
TranslatorEducation Software
Database management SystemBusiness Software
Data interaction SoftwareEntertainment Software


Operating System:The Operating device works as a mediator in between hardware, application software, and also the user.Operating systems room programs that coordinate computer system resources, administer an interface between users and also the computer, and run applications.Some most popularoperating systems space Windows XP, windows 2000, Linux, etc.

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Motherboard:The motherboard is a flat circuit plank on i beg your pardon fiber-like frameworks of steel connecting pins room mounted.These pins connect components come each various other through which data, instruction, and also information room transferred.The Central processing Unit (CPU) additionally plugs into the motherboard with a socket or a slot.