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Let"s share tons of funny concepts to do while people are sleeping. Here;s one that ns posted somewhere else.- take of your pants and sit ~ above his head. Climate fart.- acquire flour and also grab and handfull. Then lining it in ~ the person"s face. LMAOShare some of yours!
i obtained an idea because that you, placed shaving cream ~ above his or her hand and swipe a feather across his or her face, further more having the cut cream wind increase on his face.
okay ns made the ideal prank eVRO. Watch its favor the ol put your friend hand in a bowl of water TRIX yet its modified.okay step one: gain a bowlstep to: you and also a bunch that friends punch it into the bowlstep 3 : pout your resting friends hand in the key of love sauceHAHA he WILL obtain PREGNANT!
OMG.....I remeber my brother did that fart in my confront thing!!!My brothers wakes me up.....I open my eye his azz is right in front of my face and also he lets go....Worst point Ever!!!!!
Put your hand in a warm glass that water

well, if your camping, and also hes on one of those inflatable matresse, drag it out into a lake. Ns did that once. I gained suspended, cause it was a institution camping trip

One prank I know of is placing shaving cream in the people hands then tickle their nose through a feather then wait,you recognize what would occur next
1. Obtain some warm sauce (make certain its really really hot!)2. Continue to smear that on there lips lol!3. Watch the agony they will be on when they wake up up reason "my lips are on fire"!!!
Just straight up pimp slap him, and then he"ll wake up not learning what to be going on. He"ll he prefer huh? and also you say, what? What happened?
LMAO of at porkster and skater! i am definatly going ot shot tat. Save them coming!
I to be at a party when where my friend Mike passed out in this chick"s drive way. We stuck a garden hose up his pant leg and also turned that on full blast. It was winter time once it happened! that left therefore pissed off! Funny as hell.
My friend got some warm water and also put mine hand in it and also realizing the it doesnt do you piss yourself so castle poured the on mine crotch and I woke up prefer what the hell and also they told me i pissed myself then in the morning they told me the truth.
well theres this joke the is type of a neighborhood thing at my school, referred to as a T-Bag. Basically, you place your nuts ~ above a guys challenge while hes resting until he wakes up. The supposedly the many embarressing and demeaning thing you deserve to do come anotehr guy...i guess
That warm sauce thing is amazingly funny! I"m going come tape it, and also send it to America"s funniest home video!
If you have ever before seen Sleepaway Camp climate you would understand the mind over issue joke.Do this when he is awake. Phone call him some bs about mind over matter and also how you can make him climb off the ground.When the lies ~ above his earlier put something over his face to covering it. Then carry out the bs talking around how he will be lifter. This is where it gets good. Have one of her friends stand over him mooning him. Then tell him to store his eye shut and also lift up into a situp position and he will be in the air.Try and also see if that works. If that does he will gain a confront full that
dfport, in mine school, if word gets the end that you have done that, her screwed for life.
If mine friend ever before got naked when I remained in the room he wouldnt be my friend anymore.Maybee its just me yet there is simply something wrong with rubbing your ass or nuts or both in her friends face.
if you gained a friend, have them take all thier clothes off cept because that thier boxers. Then have him lay down prefer they slept together. The human in the boxers placed thier eight over the sleeping person so it wakes the up... Then you walk in the room and also "catch them together".
The one I gave is an excellent since its just mooning and embarrassing yet nuts to the challenge is means way means too lot and way to gay.
If anyone placed their nuts in my face, I would punch them. Your nuts i mean.
theres a way to execute the old bowl of warm water trick. Obtain a bowl of warmth water put his hand in that then begin pissing top top him. I heard around it top top some display I i do not know remember i beg your pardon though.
take a photo of your penis in his mouth when hes asleep.. Role his eyelid earlier and leaving it like that for a couple of minutes till his eye dries out, climate slide a needle directly through the center so that cant feel it..
Ahh!!! Imagine if they try to blink and also they can"t close their eye becasue there is an needle there! AHHH!
"Get a key of warmth water placed his hand in that then begin pissing ~ above him"God cursed this fuvucking short article makes me lambo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111112
You placed the cream in their hand, and then friend tickle there challenge with the feather and also then they will usage their hand come wipe their face. It"s funny.
well theres this joke that is type of a neighborhood thing at my school, called a T-Bag. Basically, you ar your nuts top top a guys challenge while hes resting until he wakes up. Its supposedly the most embarressing and also demeaning thing you can do come anotehr guy...i guess ns we carry out T-bags, however it is a squat prefer strech because that track
Imagine opened someone"s mouth, and craping.

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Nair among their legs, or both if you have the right to do it prior to he wakes up. If friend can acquire a full leg then he will have one bald and one hairy leg, most most likely they will certainly shave the other leg to match.Take an electrical razor and also give lock 3 slashes in each eye brow favor vanilla ice.Hold there nose shut, once they open their mouth if lock dont wake up, drip some liquid exlax in their mouth. Repeat as numerous times together you deserve to until they wake up.If they obtain really drunk, roll them up in totally in duct tape. Its really funny as soon as you perform it difficult side out, reason when you lay them back down they will be stuck to the floor, and if girlfriend dont perform it that way it will stick to all the hair on your arms and legs and it will certainly hurt too poor to rippoff. If you carry out it sticky side in then mean them to fury on you.Take a habenero pepper(hottest pepper recognized to man) reduced it and also rub a tiny bit of the pepper oil ~ above the lips. Becareful when dealing with this pepper, make certain you usage gloves once cutting it. That so hot that it will burn your skin, no joke!This next one you not really perform to lock while they room sleeping, but you execute it while castle are resting or no in the room. Placed seran wrap across the toilet so when they wake as much as take a morning piss, they will hit the seran wrap and also cover themselves in their very own piss.