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"My very own Worst Enemy" is a song by the American rock band Lit. It to be released in march 1999 together the lead solitary from Lit"s 2nd album, A ar in the Sun, i m sorry was additionally released the year. The song was just moderately effective at first, reaching number 17 ~ above the modern-day Rock Tracks graph on February 27, 1999. The later accomplished mainstream success, peaking at number 51 on the Billboard warm 100 chart and number one top top the modern-day Rock monitor (also known as alternate Songs) chart. The song"s success assisted A location in the sunlight to it is in certified platinum by the Recording market Association of America (RIAA) top top October 27, 1999 because that sales the 1,300,000 copies in the unified States. In ~ the 1999 Billboard Music Awards, "My very own Worst Enemy" won the modern-day Rock track of the Year award. Its music video clip was filmed through Gavin Bowden in a las Vegas bowling alley. Thought about pop punk and also power pop, "My very own Worst Enemy" is, according to Lit guitarist Jeremy Popoff, "the result of waking up and realizing friend screwed up the night before". Vocalist A. Jay Popoff said that the song "was the combination of many, numerous incidents"; the had acquired in trouble through the law for windy nudity in the so late 1990s, and also sang "My own Worst Enemy" naked in the studio. The singer defined a new Year"s when the band gained drunk in Laughlin, Nevada; the stole a janitor"s cart, and also he "and 5 friends jumped ~ above the flatbed, rode down the sidewalk, and also got chased by the cops".more »

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Can we forget about the things I said as soon as I to be drunk?I didn"t median to speak to you thatI can"t remember what was said or what friend threw at mePlease call mePlease tell me whyMy automobile is in the prior yard and I"mSleeping with my clothes onI came in with the home window last nightAnd you"re gone, goneIt"s no surprise to me, i am my very own worst enemy"Cause every now and then, i kick the life shit the end of meThe smoke alarm is walking off and also there"s a cigaretteStill burningPlease call me whyMy auto is in the prior yard and also I"mSleeping v my garments onCame in v the window last nightAnd you"re gone, gonePlease tell me whyMy automobile is in the front yard and I"mSleeping v my clothing onI come in with the window last nightIt"s no surprised to me, i am my own worst enemy"Cause every now and also then, ns kick the living shit out of meCan us forget about the points I said when I was drunk?I didn"t typical to call you that

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Lit Lit is an alternate rock band, based in Fullerton, California. Castle released numerous singles in the late 1990s and early 2000s consisting of their No.

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1 fight "My own Worst Enemy", "Miserable", "Zip-Lock", "Over my Head", "Lipstick and also Bruises", "Addicted", "Looks like They to be Right", and also "Times prefer This". Much more »