Paper Mario TTYD: ns can’t help but wonder what Yoshi child colour everyone got without knowing exactly how long you held the egg provides a difference!

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I to be still however to find any kind of in-game information letting you understand the longer you host the Yoshi boy egg it will determine its colour...I would favor to think there’s world out there reasoning they hatched part Shiny Yoshi, a rare red or blue once it’s eco-friendly on the cover! Or if over multiple beat throughs have finished up gaining the same colour over and over, the just obtained me thinking for some reason

This is what i’ve gone for on my present run, eco-friendly is only within the an initial 6 minutes which is quite rapid if you were to go and get that as shortly as girlfriend could and took her time around it

Did friend think something of it no being green??

On my first playthrough as a kid I acquired green, once I was freshly replaying through the video game I got blue.

I constantly thought the shade was random. My first time playing, I got orange, then on the 2nd time, I got a black Yoshi

Black Yoshi is approximately 18-19 minute of hold the egg it think...was walk to walk for that yet couldn’t it is in bothered come wait! ns only obtained the egg at the start of ring 10 fight

I believed I read once years after ns played TTYD that it had actually to do with what shade the save files was favored (b/c all 4 save records are of a different color), however the 2 save documents I have, their colors didn't enhance the shade of the Yoshi I acquired in each file. As soon as I obtain home, I'm going to re-read that component of the player's guide to view if it also mentions the chosen shade in over there (b/c ns don't mental it speak it).

It’s to perform with how many minutes ~ the egg joins her party come the moment it hatches, after 6 it’s red, ~ 9 i think it’s blue...and therefore on till 20 minutes climate it resets come green and also starts again. Only by what I’ve read online yet it’s proven ideal so far!


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