Chsdrta.net surname copper(I) chloride Chsdrta.net identifier CHsdrta.net:53472 Chsdrta.net ASCII name copper(I) chloride definition An not natural chloride of copper in i m sorry the steel is in the +1 oxidation state. Stars This entity has been manually annotated by the Chsdrta.net Team. Supplier info Download Molfile XML SDF it is provided by ChemAxon Marvin
Formula ClCu
Net charge 0
mean Mass 98.99900
Monoisotopic mass 97.89845
InChI InChI=1S/ClH.Cu/h1H;/q;+1/p-1

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Chsdrta.net Ontology
Outgoing copper(I) chloride (CHsdrta.net:53472) has component copper(1+) (CHsdrta.net:49552) copper(I) chloride (CHsdrta.net:53472) has duty agrochemical (CHsdrta.net:33286) copper(I) chloride (CHsdrta.net:53472) has duty molluscicide (CHsdrta.net:33904) copper(I) chloride (CHsdrta.net:53472) is a copper molecular reality (CHsdrta.net:23377) copper(I) chloride (CHsdrta.net:53472) is a not natural chloride (CHsdrta.net:36093)

Synonyms resources
Copper chloride ChemIDplus
Copper chloride (CuCl) ChemIDplus
Copper monochloride ChemIDplus
Copper(1+) chloride ChemIDplus
Copper(I) chloride ChemIDplus
Cu-lyt NIST Chemistry WebBook
CuCl NIST Chemistry WebBook
Cuproid NIST Chemistry WebBook
Cuprous chloride ChemIDplus
Dicopper dichloride ChemIDplus

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Registry numbers types resources
13676 Gmelin it is registered Number Gmelin
7758-89-6 CAS registry Number NIST Chemistry WebBook
7758-89-6 CAS registry Number ChemIDplus
8127933 Reaxys registry Number Reaxys
8127933 Beilstein registry Number Beilstein