Who: Oscar-nominated actress and businesswoman Kate Hudson, 40, and also Oscar-nominated actor and writer Owen Wilson, 50.

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How castle Met: The pair met ~ above the collection of the 2006 comedy You, Me and Dupree while Hudson to be still married come her very first husband, black Crowes singer chris Robinson. A month after ~ the film opened in July, Hudson and also Robinson separated, v Robinson filing because that divorce that November. She and Wilson were shown to be dating that fall.

Why us Loved Them: Kate and also Owen were as low-key as it gets. Though they were two of Hollywood’s many in-demand stars at the time, they kept their relationship as off-the-radar as possible. A three-year series of break-ups and also make-ups allowed us to believe a reunion was possible well right into the 2010s. Don’t tell anyone, however there’s a ~chance~ we’re tho rooting because that them …

When lock Peaked: This photo:

The duo co-hosted an episode of Total inquiry Live (R.I.P.) in 2006 and also something had them feeling confused/surprised/philosophical. Every little thing it was, lock were clearly on the exact same page.

The Breakup: which time? through June 2007 ring 1 the Kowen had concerned an end. A few months later on Wilson’s life took a nearly fatal turn when he test suicide. Resources close come the actor denied the correlation in between his attempt on his life and also his separation from Hudson.

“Owen is such a lovely person, and I love him dearly,” Hudson said Vogue in late 2007. “And ns wish the beautiful points — health and everything that he desires in life.”

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Still hounded to comment on her role in her ex’s highly personal troubles year later, she said The Telegraph, “There are things that must be left alone and also not questioned in public, and also that was one of them. The media does not discriminate between people who desire that attention and people who simply want to obtain on with their jobs.”

Story continues

By February of 2008 Hudson and also Wilson had reunited, however once much more it showed short-lived. They’d break-up by May, with a source telling People “It to be a pretty negative breakup. Owen said it to be a challenging one. He absolutely doesn’t desire to dwell on it. He desires to put it behind him.”

Though just months front Kate had revealed her “conscious decision to shot to stay solitary as long as possible,” in February 2009 it to be reported the they’d reunited. However, by may there was a brand-new man in Kate’s life: Alex Rodriguez.

Despite the tumultuous nature of their relationship, there doesn’t appear to be any kind of bad blood in between the previous co-stars. In 2012 it to be reported the Hudson and Wilson had bonded over their children at the Vanity Fair Oscar party, giddily sharing photos of their particular tots.

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When They space Now:

Hudson invited her third child, Rani Rose, with longtime boyfriend Danny Fujikawa critical October. She likewise shares 15-year-old boy Ryder through Robinson and 7-year-old kid Bingham through ex-fiancé Matt Bellamy.

The actress is set to star in Sia’s directorial function debut, Music, meant to open later this year. She’s additionally slated to show up in Ana Lily Amirpour’s fantasy film Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon.

Wilson is also a dad of three. The actor reportedly welcomed daughter Lyla through ex-girlfriend Varunie Vongsvirates critical October. He’s additionally dad to boy Robert, 8, v his waiting marshal ex Jade Duell and son Finn, 5, through his personal trainer ex Caroline Lindqvist.

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It was recently announced that Wilson would certainly star opposite Salma Hayek in sci-fi drama Bliss, however that’s solid the just project top top the horizon because that the 50-year-old. Wilson will reprise his duty in the Shanghai film series with Jack Chan in the 3rd installment, Shanghai Dawn. He’s also rumored to it is in reuniting with Anaconda co-star Jennifer Lopez in upcoming STX rom-com Marry Me.