After years of no hearing this song, I taken place to have actually run into it again, and also now I'm an extremely curious...

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Does anybody know the beginning of this song and why the lyrics are the means they are?


John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt to be born in Buffalo, new York in 1879. His mother, Katherine Irene Schmidt, (nee O'Cleary) was an immigrant indigenous Ireland, who had left the "Auld Sod" back in 1849 together a young girl escaping the Potato Famine. She functioned at the Broadhurst Manor Hotel as a maid, dishwasher, and also cook's helper, conserving every coin possible.

Katie as she was called had a lovely to sing voice. She declared that her singing the song of she childhood, and the church hymns made her feel much less lonely for her family members she had actually lost to the famine. (The regional diocese had actually sent her and a brother to America to save them, yet her brother died from heat on the way) One morning Katie to be making the bed in among the guest rooms, the occupant came earlier from breakfast early. That stood in the doorway, listening come her sing Molly Malone and also his heart melted. That let out a sigh, and also she turned come him, her environment-friendly eyes vast with surprise, and, at very first sight. For both that them.

The man was john Jacob Schmidt, born johannes Yakub Schmidt in Lithuania. He was a baker recently relocated to Buffalo to open up his own bakery. After ~ a whirlwind courtship they to be married by a judge. John was Jewish, and Katherine a roman inn Catholic. Due to this they were denied marital relationship sacraments indigenous both faiths and also so had a polite wedding. That took and they live happily for numerous decades together. They had one child, a kid with eco-friendly eyes and also curly red hair whom they called John Jacob. Castle doted top top their only child and he to be a cheery young lad and also the to apologize of his mother's eye. His father taught him to it is in a baker and from his mommy he learned come sing. When still a young they would certainly send him out in the at an early stage mornings, advertise a small cart of baked goods fresh indigenous the oven, bread, warm cross buns, muffins, and also kolacky. His singing notified neighbors come come buy his wares. One day, in a funny mood, he comprised the words come John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt. That made world laugh and much more people concerned buy his baked goods. Quickly his parents had actually to hire a helper to keep up v the raised sales.

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Well, the rest is history. John Jacob the Younger married a community beauty named Jania Louise, the daughter of the eco-friendly grocers. Their household get-togethers to be filled v love, laughter and also music.