The amount of time marijuana remains in your system depends on many factors, such as how much THC is in the marijuana, how often you use, how much you use, and your metabolism. If you’re a daily user, the drug can remain in your system for up to a month or longer.

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Marijuana Length of Effects

The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that the effects of marijuana include:1

Distorted senses.Altered sense of time.Mood changes.Impaired coordination.Trouble thinking and problem-solving.Impaired memory.

Not all users of marijuana enjoy the experience. In fact, many people who use marijuana report unpleasant side effects, such as hallucinations, anxiety, and paranoia.1

The effects can develop within minutes if the drug is smoked. If eaten, users may not feel any effects for a few hours. The effects normally last 3-4 hours but can last longer if the drug is eaten.4

Marijuana does not easily leave the body. Most cannabinoids, including THC, are stored in fat cells. This means that the effects of marijuana or hashish can reoccur for 12-24 hours after use because the chemicals are slowly released from fatty tissue.4

How long does THC stay in your system?

The length of time that marijuana will show up on a drug test varies greatly from person to person.

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Variables that can affect how long marijuana will show up on a drug test include:5

Dose of THC ingested.How often the person used.Timing of drug test relative to last use.Rate of release of THC or other cannabinoids from tissue.Level of hydration.

The amount of THC in marijuana will affect how long it takes for the body to metabolize the drug. However, keep in mind that other factors can affect how long marijuana stays in your system. These include the amount of marijuana you used, how you used it, how often you used, and your metabolism. The amount of THC in the plant is just one variable that will determine how long the drug remains in your system.9

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