Explain how the epitaph top top Hester"s tombstone—"On a field, sable, the letter "A" gules"—reveals the contrasts in the message and, simultaneously, summarizes the totality novel.

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together a final note marking Hester"s grave, this heat does undoubtedly reveal the contrasts in the text and also summarize the entire novel. In order to recognize how, the is necessary to understand the meaning of the native in the epitaph.

Field, here, way background. Sable is black and also gules is...

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As a final note marking Hester"s grave, this line does without doubt reveal the contrasts in the text and also summarize the entire novel. In stimulate to know how, that is important to know the meaning of the indigenous in the epitaph.

Field, here, means background. Sable is black and gules is scarlet. Essentially, this epitaph reads: "On a black color background, a red letter A."

At face value, Hester is laid to rest still bearing the mark of she sin that she when bore in life. However, on a symbolic level, this epitaph reveals so lot more. The black color background in the mental of the Puritans to be Hester"s black color heart, or proof of sin. The red melted upon it, virtually glowing, together if ADULTERY was the marring an equipment in she life and the lives of others.

In this town and society, however, the black color background could very well symbolize the hypocrisy and also judgement of everyone else. The red letter A, burning in the foreground, might symbolize Hester"s ability to rise over the brand she was given, and also instead of coming to be the price of shame and dishonor that she wore, it would symbolize whatever she was able to overcome.

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There is a comparison of colors. However there is likewise a contrast of a societal expectation and the coincided hiding that every other sin, due to the fact that Hester Prynne certainly was not the just sinner in she town throughout her lifetime. The whole novel is Hawthorne"s message about such hypocrisy, and also in the same way that Hester"s epitaph is permanent, so as well is Hawthorne"s message.