Singer and reality star Olivia Longott might be handling tons the drama ~ above Love & i know good Hop: new York, but thankfully, that's no the situation when it pertains to her love life. The "December" singer is currently happily engaged to she prince charming. However who's the secret guy? just how long have actually they to be dating? and will he eventually show up on the reality series? before we get into those details, let's take it a look in ~ Olivia's dating history.

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In her publication Release Me: my Life, mine Words, she handle the date rumors the surfaced about her and 50 Cent once they operated together indigenous 2004 come 2007. She said that, when they had actually a growing attraction, they never ever dated. They had actually a major conversation around this and felt the pursuing a connection would be as well risky, for this reason they made decision to keep things professional.


According to Olivia, aka the "First Lady of G-Unit," 50 Cent told her, "We can never cross that line, since I think that will destroy everything. There is far too much money to be made, and besides, I know you ain’t that type of chick. I have a lot of respect for you, so ns wouldn’t also do you favor that. If you and also I started messing around, we’d never have the ability to convince the rest of the civilization that we are not."

It every started once Olivia appeared on The Breakfast Club and also mentioned the issues she had while working through 50 Cent. After ~ she joined the team in 2004, she asserted that the rapper had an concern with her collaborating with Missy Elliott. But when he showed up on the present in 2014, he denied this and also started the rumor that their partnership was more intimate.


He said, "Nah, ns didn’t have actually no problem. Missy began hitting it, if you yes, really wanna know. See, it’s she fault for actually saying the to you. To trust me."

Olivia said that nothing sexual ever before happened between her and Missy, however. She explained, "He to be mad because at one point we to be doing so much music together, that was gaining upset—because i wasn’t yes, really at the crib act a totality bunch of music v the Unit however he heard all the records I go with miss out on so the felt some kind of way... Absolutely not. That’s the homie.”

Olivia dated the brand-new York jet cornerback throughout season among LHHNY, yet on the show, she was supposedly unclear around the timeline of your relationship. ~ claiming that they were still dating, Darrelle proclaimed that they had actually damaged up month ago.


When one more co-star challenged her around this ~ above the show, Olivia said, “We to be trying to number out what we were act basically. We began out together a couple, yes, and he was like ‘things just got too fast and he want to sluggish down.’"

So according to her, also though castle had broken up, they were still technically "seeing every other" and trying to figure things out... Either way, it seems favor both of lock had currently called that quits by the moment this illustration aired.

The singer was rumored to have dated Laz Alonso in 2010, however perhaps it's best to take it this v a serial of salt because, one, no of them shown this rumor and, two, Laz literally claimed he doesn't day famous women. 


He told Lossip, "I don’t date celebs, to be moral with you. And also it’s not that I placed them in a category called ‘Celebs,’ it’s just that to me it’s all about the actual connection; that doesn’t issue who you room or what you do, if I choose you and also I satisfy you and also you favor me and also we click, that’s it. We need to click. If I watch someone ~ above the screen – the alone doesn’t carry out anything for me.”

In 2011, a couple of PDA pictures of Olivia and Maino had surfaced online. Some human being found it suspicious the these picture popped up shortly prior to the premiere the LHHNY, however others to be led to think that they to be in a serious relationship at that point.


In one interview, Olivia clarified that the connection was actually over by the time those photos concerned light. She didn't specify when they dated, yet she said, "Maino and I had dated for a while turn off an on, so those photos are old and I've moved on. I'm not v him, I'm through somebody else and also I'm very happy." 

This one could come together a surprised to most. Though she collaborated through Shaggy on number of occasions, the R&B singer was mindful to store their romance under wraps. The timeline is unclear, but when she opened up up about dating the in her book, she revealed the it to be a challenge. She wrote, "The Jamaican ar knew, obviously, but I never would encourage it to anybody rather purposely. That still is a good guy, however I mean he's no a good boyfriend."

As for why she called it quits, she learned that the Jamaican singer was cheating on her v two various other women. She in-depth that she uncovered out about the second woman after check his phone. She witnessed a text from "some college girl questioning him to bring condoms the next time he came to her dorm since they to be out." Yikes.

In Jan. 2012, Olivia evidenced in an interview the she was "happily in love." despite she didn't call Tarence through name, one watch at her Twitter feeding made that clear the he to be her an enig guy. She started seeing the agree basketball player in 2011, and also both of castle constantly professed their love by tweeting each other. 

For example, Terance tweeted, "Me my boo just had actually a an excellent convo around nothing. A many jokes and also laughing and finished wit bey u know what?.I LOVE U
1andonlyOlivia." Olivia common his solution and said, "As always:) Blushing." D'awww. 

It's uncertain why the duo parted ways, yet fans acquired the hint once those lovey-dovey tweets quit going back and forth.

As the now, Olivia is engaged, however she hasn't revealed the identity of her husband-to-be. Return she prefers to store the details the her partnership out of the spotlight, she's been fairly open around how lot her partner means to her. In Nov. 2019, she common a Thanksgiving post and included a heartfelt tribute for her prince charming.

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She wrote, "You space my fortress and also my shield. You safeguard me at every costs and I am thankful to have your love & trust. My family members is your household & evil versa. I have actually never been much more confident about anything or anyone. Give thanks to you because that literally lifting me up when I felt favor the human being was crumbling around me. Might God bless our Union."

She added the hashtags #IWasntHidingYouFromTheWorld, #IWasHidingTheWorldFromYou and #When2AquariusLinkUp (we're pretty sure the pan appreciated that last detail).

Considering how private the singer has been about her current engagement, it's unlikely the we'll watch the wedding plans on Love & i know well Hop, let alone learn her fiancé's identity. Still, us couldn't be happier because that the couple!

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