What is the meaning of Aunt Clara and Clara the brothel owner having actually the same name in the Mice and Men?
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throughout the great Depression, the classic family framework often dropped apart as farms failed and jobs thrived scarce. Fathers left to uncover work and also young solitary men hesitated to get in serious relationships, given the financial responsibilities attached thereto. This men regularly traveled and also worked exclusively in the agency of other...

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During the an excellent Depression, the timeless family framework often fell apart as ranches failed and also jobs flourished scarce. Fathers left to find work and also young single men hesitated to get in serious relationships, given the financial duties attached thereto. These men regularly traveled and also worked specifically in the firm of other men in a world devoid of mothers and wives. Aunt Clara and the Clara that the brothel stand for surrogates, or stand-ins, because that those particular roles.

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We very first encounter the non-traditional family setup when Lenny refers to his Aunt Clara, who "used to provide come me.... I"d pet "em." when Lennie threatens to run away, George reminds him, "Your Aunt Clara wouldn"t choose you running off through yourself, also if she is dead." This is clear a woman who has loved and nurtured Lennie. Later, at the ranch, George tells Slim, "I knowed his Aunt Clara. She took him as soon as he was a baby and raised him up." The time would have actually preceded the good Depression, yet this information introduces the idea that a surrogate mother. 

Similarly, prostitute substituted because that wives amongst the itinerant workers. They offered physical comfort through no familial strings, together George says:

You provide me a good whore house every time.... A guy can go in an" get drunk and also get ever"thing outta his device all at once, an" no messes.

Clara"s place is one of two neighborhood brothels; hers is the less preferable of the two. Susy, the competitor madam, insists, "My girl is clean...an" there ain"t no water in the whiskey." The fact that Clara stays in company emphasizes the idea that guys would seek the firm of nameless, faceless women even in the seediest that places.