To usage the Shard of Agony friend must have actually a Rumble Pack placed into your controller. As soon as you gain near one of these surprise holes, the Rumble fill will begin to vibrate. Now you have to do one of three things. To uncover the stone you should either play the song of Storms, location a bomb nearby, or stop the ground with the Megaton Hammer. Among these techniques will open the hole and also leave its treasures for your taking.

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Hole 1Location: ~ above your means to Gerudo valley from Hyrule lock there is a single tree was standing by itself.Reward: within of this hole there is a item of heart at the bottom that a pool of water.

Hole 2Location: close to the Hyrule castle moat there will certainly be a tree nearby.Reward: There space three walls that have the right to be damaged down by a bomb. Behind one of the walls is a gold Skultula.

Hole 3Location: Ouside that the Sacred woodland Meadow entrance.Reward: After beating two Wolfos girlfriend will obtain a violet rupee.

Hole 4Location: In the middle of a small ring of stones near Gerudo ValleyReward: By making use of Din’s Fire you i found it a cow, a gossip stone, and also a gold Skutula.

Hole 5Location: between the fences that blocks the route to Lake Hylia.Reward: within this hole is a Buisness Scrub the will market you a item of heart for 10 rupees.

Hole 6Location: center of Kakariko village Courtyard.Reward: defeat the 2 Redead to gain a substantial rupee.

Hole 7Location: across the bridge on the method to Kakariko VillageReward: A gold Skutula.

Hole 8Location: ~ above ledge near Gerudo River.Reward: The hole is filled v rupees. You need to dive for them though.

Hole 9Location: Ring of Stones outside entrance come Goron City.Reward: gold Rupee within of chest.

Hole 10Location: Under a boulder in the lost Woods.

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Reward: A Buisness Scrub will offer you a Deku Nut update for 40 rupees.