11.1 song of Storms

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New in this sectionCharacters:Guru GuruSongs:Nocturne of Shadow, track of Storms

Kakariko Village – After completing the Water Temple, as soon as you go into Kakariko Village, you’ll evil a scene in i m sorry Kakariko is in flames. You discover Sheik grimly all set to challenge the ceo of the upcoming zero Temple, coming out of the well whereby it was sealed. An excellent place to keep something angry right? In her water supply…

After acquiring beat up, you’ll awaken and also Sheik will recite an ext poetry, after which she teaches friend the Nocturne the Shadow. Too negative we couldn’t teleport to this city earlier! Would have actually been nice before. *grumble grumble*





Although we can technically enter, and even finish the Shadow temple now, there’s a mini-dungeon we need to tackle beforehand to get a very useful item.

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~ getting The track of Storms ~

Kakariko Village – us previously gained the tune of Storms quickly after we acquired the Hookshot. However, there has actually been no compelled use for the track up till this point. For this reason if girlfriend haven’t gotten it, now is the moment to carry out so. The game doesn’t directly guide friend in this direction at this point.

Enter the Windmill in Kakariko village and speak v Guru Guru, the furious man playing his music box. He’ll rant about how part “stupid kid” came here seven years back and played “that song” i m sorry screwed increase the windmill. Whip out your Ocarina and he’ll teach it come you. *snicker*


11.2 go back to Childhood

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New in this sectionCharacters:Fabulous 5 Froggish TenorsGold Skulltulas:#78Heart Pieces:#31, #32

Our following mission is within the Bottom the the Well. However, you have the right to only get in this mini-dungeon together a child. For this reason play the Prelude the Light and also return to the temple of Time. Place the understand Sword in the pedestal come return yourself to Young Link.

It has actually been awhile since we have been a child and now the we have actually the track of Storms, there are some optional goodies for united state to collect.

~ Last secret At Hyrule castle ~

There room a couple of more points we can gain as a child, so return to the temple of Time and place the understand Sword back in the pedestal.

Hyrule Castle – Go ago to Hyrule Castle and also make it previous all the guards as soon as again, just as friend did before. Once you do it by all of the guards and also you are practically at the area whereby you woke up Talon v the Cucco, you’ll notice a small tree in the corner. When you walk by it, the Shard of Agony starts come chime. Stand alongside this tree and also play the tune of Storms to make a hole appear. Totally logical… fall down it and bomb the wall surface on your left to find a yellow Skulltula.

Optional: yellow Skulltula #78

In the area just outside Hyrule Castle, over there is a tree in the edge of the gate. Stand beside it and play the song of Storms. Drop down the hole, bomb the wall surface on the left, and collect the Skulltula.

~ Froggy funny ~

Zora’s River – Next, walk to Zora’s River and also go to mid allude where there are logs sticking out of the water. Acquire on the one closest come “land” and stand ~ above the square mark. Whip the end your Ocarina to make frogs appear.

First, pat the song of Storms to soon be rewarded v a heart Piece. That was easy. Next, play every one of your other, non-teleport songs. Because that each they’ll prize you through fifty Rupees. Man, these things space so unsecured now, especially due to the fact that most of the goes come waste in your overflowing wallet.

Once they’re all totally grown, whip the end your Ocarina again come play a small game. You need to press the button for every frog that has actually a fly over its head. If you’re too slow or choose the not correct one, you need to start end again. The song they make you play are somewhat random so you just need to think quick. Once you ultimately get to the end, they’ll reward you with another Heart Piece.

Heart piece #31

At Zora’s River together a child, close to the facility of the map, step on the surrounding log that sticks out into the water. Pull the end your Ocarina come get 5 Frogs to appear. Pat the tune of Storms and also you’ll be rewarded v a piece of Heart.

Heart item #32

At Zora’s River together a child, once you fulfill the five frogs, beat Zelda’s Lullaby, Saria’s Song, Epona’s Song, Sun’s Song, and also the tune of Time. Every time among the frogs will prosper in size. Once all 5 frogs room grown, you deserve to play a game of Simon says where you have to easily press the right button, relying on where the butterfly appears, over the frogs head. The pattern is as follows.

Nintendo 3DS version – L, X, Y, R, X, Y, R, L, R, L, R, Y, X, LNintendo 64 version – A, C-left, C-right, C-down, C-left, C-right, C-down, A, C-down, A, C-down, C-right, C-left, A

11.3 Bottom the the Well

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New in this sectionEnemies:Dead Hand, GibdoGold Skulltulas:#79, #80, #81Items:Lens the Truth, Dungeon Map, CompassLocations:Bottom of the Well


~ Draining The fine ~

Navi will continually harass friend now around going in the well, but in the future, it’s blocked off. Return to the past and… well… the fine is full of water. Ns don’t think this component is really clear, yet the windmill draws the water native the well.

Once inside the windmill, go stand before Guru Guru and play the track of Storms. This will cause it to walk haywire as with it walk in the future, and likewise make his reaction come you later make much more sense now. The water from the well will drain dramatically, providing you access to the following mini-dungeon. Sweet.

Go back outside, climb under it and head top top through.

~ within The well ~

Entry – As soon as friend enter, crawl through the hole climate go under the ladder. A huge Skulltula will certainly block her path. Wait until its back is come you and defeat it. ~ he’s defeated, inspect out the skeleton adjacent if you’d like… The entire dungeon is filled with fake walls and you have the right to walk through the wall that is straight ahead.

NOTE: The primary treasure of the Bottom the the well is the Lens that Truth and also we can acquire this dungeon item relatively early on. As soon as we get it, we can leave the dungeon without also visiting the bulk of the rooms. The said, this is a full-blown mini-dungeon, complete with a Compass, Dungeon Map, and also multiple Skulltulas. Thus, this guide will an initial acquire the Lens of truth and all of the optional content will certainly be discovered thereafter.

Main Room


This large room is shaped favor a doughnut, with a concealed room ideal in the middle. Over there are concealed holes in the ground everywhere the place and you can quickly fall down into the Basement if girlfriend are just wandering around. If at any point you do loss into the Basement, jump down a couple of paragraphs come the section titled Basement.

We desire to do our means to the finish opposite side of this room. Operation forward and you’ll find a little stream that water. Take it the route to the right and just monitor the stream. As lengthy as you stay on this water path, you will not autumn down a hole. Over there is a enormous Green Bubble the circles with the area as well. Friend can easily stun it v a boomerang and also then defeat it if you’d like.

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Just remain on the water course until you are at the opposite next of the room wherein you will find a Triforce symbol on the ground. Whip out your Ocarina and also play Zelda’s Lullaby. This will reason the water in the dungeon come drain, providing us accessibility to some near areas.