i rented a storage bldg. And also it to be there..the owner of the location said the other occp.had previous away

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I have this china us with equivalent buffet. They room both brand-new travis court arsenal by Drexel, therefore they predate 1975. Go anyone understand the precious of the collection or whereby I can sell them for a decent price together? Thanks!

The industry being what it is right currently it's complicated to acquire a kind price because that anything but the upper end pieces. Worths vary considerably throughout the country. I would suggest checking "Sold"auction values at www.liveauctioneers.com and adding around 30% to offer you a existing retail.



Unfortunately ns didn't know the worth of the pieces and donated the table, leaves and also chairs come charity. Ns do have the above hutch and also matching buffet.

I have a new Travis Court buffet for sale. It was purchased brand-new in the early to mid fifties, never left mine parents" house, and also is in very an excellent condition. I live in NJ and don"t want to get involved in shipping, therefore I"m trying to find a neighborhood sale.

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I have actually a brand-new Travis Court dining room table. It to be purchased brand-new in the early to mid fifties, never ever left my parent"s house, and is in very an excellent condition. I also have six chairs from the collection and a buffet. Among the chairs has arms. I live in NJ and also don"t want to get associated in shipping, for this reason I"m searching for a local sale.

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