The Disney movie eye White and also the seven Dwarfs was Walt Disney’s an initial feature-length film and also has been aroundsince 1937. The brothers Grimm are credited with the initial German fairy tale that motivated the Disney film.

The 7 dwarf’s names to be not stated in the initial fairy tale The brothers Grimm collected. Instead, the dwarf names were presented in 1912 in the broadway pat titled, “Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs” and included later in the animation film. Have you ever asked yourself, “What are the name of the 7 Disney Dwarfs in snow White?”


Since the movie has actually come out, Disney fans have actually loved eye White and her tiny little roommates who aid protect her from the evil Queen, poisoned apple, and magic mirror.

But what space the 7 dwarfs name from snow White’s characteristics and personalities?

Continue reading to uncover the separation, personal, instance names the the seven dwarfs and also pictures the the 7 dwarfs from snow White to make the movie-watching suffer better!

1. Happy


Happy is one of the most quickly recognizable that the 7 dwarfs surname that civilization have involved love.

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Happy never walks around with a frown and also is always happy to spread joy with his fellow roommates. Otis Harlan voiced Happy in the movie, and also it to be a perfect fit because that both of your happy-go-lucky personalities.

Some that Happy’s favorite things to do are dance, eat, and party.

A fun fact about Happy is that he was the just one to introduce himself to snow White while the rest were tongue-tied.

2. Doc


The character Doc was voiced by Roy Atwell in eye White and also the seven Dwarves.

Doc is regularly viewed together the leader the the group. He is outspoken and, in ~ times, has a little bossy attitude. Part think the Doc is a negative leader since he have the right to be a bit clueless at times.

His loving and kind attitude brings him ago to the front of the group, though!

A possible explanation because that Doc eye White acquiring so flustered and losing his train the thought might be that he is distracted. The only dwarf that Doc appears to bump heads with is Grumpy, which comes together no surprise.

Doc eye White is the only Dwarf the wears glasses and an orange-brown tunic.

3. Grumpy


Grumpy, voiced through Pinto Colvig, is just one of the most well-known Disney dwarfs the the bunch.

Grumpy is, together expected, grumpy and grouchy. He has actually a quick fuse the is conveniently lit however deals v a the majority of pressure transparent the day.

Although most people see him as a grumpy old dwarf, he is one of the kindest and also loving characters in the movie.

Grumpy’s signature view is through a smirk or scowl top top the face and his eight folded with each other in a red tunic. That looks choose he is in disgust at all times and also doesn’t get in addition to Happy or Dopey.

4. Dopey


When snow White was in trouble and also needed help from the dwarves, grumpy was the an initial to take it the lead and also show his love side.

Did you recognize thatDopey and also Bugs Bunnyhave miscellaneous in common?The voice the Bugs Bunny and Dopey are from the talented Mel Blanc!

Dopey is a fun character the the seven dwarfs and a fan favorite personality that many have concerned love. Although the is a character v no words, his personality still shows through.

He uses noises and makes expressions that display his true emotions to feeling clueless around him.

When Dopey isn’t doing something that will certainly make one more person laugh or smile, he support Sneezy and also the remainder of the dwarves. Most world know Dopey through his silly face, purple hat, and also green tunic. That is, surprisingly, the only dwarf without a beard!

5. Bashful

Bashful is well-known for batting his soft tiny eyelashes and blushing, specifically when a princess is around.

Scotty Mattraw is the actor who voiced Bashful in the renowned movie. Even if it is Bashful feel embarrassed or flirty, he constantly looks cute. He likes to hide behind his beard and shot to cover increase his confront at any type of chance.

Bashful has actually a an extremely introverted side the doesn’t like to it is in the center of attention. Bashful only dreams of sweet love and a happy ending— particularly with eye White.

Bashful put on a yellow-brown tunic v a greenish-teal hat. The likes to blend in with his surrounding, but his rosy cheeks constantly shine through.

6. Sleepy

One the the most relatable characters of the seven dwarfs is sleepy who always has a exhausted look.

Sterling Holloway voiced Sleepy; he is also the voice of Winnie the Pooh! Although most of the present consist the yawning and snoring, Sleepy does portray his laid-back style.

Sleepy is so relaxed that that can fall asleep practically anywhere, also if he simply woke up! return many world think that he is a lazy character, he actually puts in a lot of difficult work and also earns all of the remainder he takes.

Sleepy additionally wears a greenish-teal hat and yellow outfit, favor Bashful, and his eyes always look heavy. Together you clock the movie, girlfriend might notice yourself yawning with him and also rubbing her eyes towards the end.

Walt Disney insisted Sleepy be drawn with droopy eyelids at all times to appear sleepy.

7. Sneezy

Sneezy walks roughly with his finger under his nose, trying to stop a sneeze indigenous coming, but it’s never ever enough.

Billy Gilbert voiced Sneezy, and also it to be such a fitting function because he also dealt through allergies. Did you know thathay feveris the reason of Sneezy’s sneezes? This helps describe the stuffy nose that he experiences.

Sneezy is fortunate to have actually a group of men behind him; lock constantly lookout for him to control his sneezing. One of Sneezy’s closestly allies in the movie is Dopey, who is constantly trying come help.

Keep the tissues surrounding if you space the Sneezy of your home, and prepare because that the sniffles.

Do You recognize the seven Disney Dwarfs From eye White?

The seven dwarfs from snow White are a group of males that each has a distinctive personality and also white hair other than for Dopey.

Early in the Dwarf’s history, they had different names, such as Jumpy, Lazy, Puffy, Burpy, Stuffy, Defy, and also Wheezy. The last decisions that the initial names room quite various as you can see by the list above.

The next time you clock the Walt Disney film eye White, friend will know the 7 dwarfs surname and an ext about every of this characters. This renders movie watching fun, specifically if you are trying to check out which fellow Disney dwarfs resonate through you.

There room so countless personalities every thrown right into a tiny group the dwarves. Castle know how to bring out the best in every other and work well as a team to do a happy ending.

Be sure to inspect out ourDisney personalities pagethat allows you come look up her favorite characters of more famous Disney characters!Who are the 7 Dwarfs names, now you know?

What are the 7 Dwarfs names in order?



Who is the fourth dwarf from eye White?

Grumpy is the 4th dwarf in alphabetical order indigenous the snow White animation film.

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Is Dopey a girl?

Dopey is not a girl. Dopey is a boy like all of the various other dwarfs. That does not have white hair prefer the other dwarfs and also he does no speak.


Why is the dwarf called Doc?

In 1934 one of the faster fairy tale papers from the brother Grimm provided that the Doc Dwarf was actually a doctor and had handled a leadership role.


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