There’s no one precisely right method to play golf. Over the last 6 hundred or so year this video game has to be played, techniques and strategies have been constantly evolving.

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Of course, there space basics that you’ll require to acquire right, however even currently nothing is collection in stone. Certain swings, movements, and also clubs come and also go like any kind of other trend. Brand-new players will certainly arrive with brand-new techniques, and old approaches will become less popular.

Club fixed is a great example the this. Golf grips are one of the fundamentals of the sport, and also a different grip deserve to have a dramatic impact on your swing. However, even about something so reportedly basic, there’s never been any consensus on i m sorry is the finest grip overall. Most instructors will certainly teach the overlapping grip, because that example, however some that the best players in the sport usage a different grip entirely!

So, what are the differences in between the grips? i m sorry one’s ideal for you? we look into three the the most typical grips in golf, comment on their advantages and disadvantages, and show you how an indoor golf simulator can help you choose between them.

The Ten-Finger Grip

The most an easy club grip in the game, the ten-finger grip it s okay its surname from the basic fact the all ten finger touch the club. It’s additionally known by part as the neutral or “baseball” grip because it’s an ext or much less the same means you would hold a baseball bat. This also makes numerous amateurs normally gravitate come a ten-finger grip as soon as they’re very first starting out. It just feels right!

How to execute the Ten-Finger Grip

If you hold the club together you would through a baseball bat, you’re nearly there. Because that right-handed players, the left hand (known together the top hand) will certainly be towards the top of the society while the best hand (known as the trailing hand) is listed below that. There have to be no gap between the hands, and also the very first knuckles the the left hand have to line up v the 2nd knuckles that the right and vice versa.

The just thing to watch out for is the thumb of her left hand. Rather of wrapping roughly the tower of the club, this need to be pointing up, resting on the club and covered by the fingers of your best hand.


1. It’s simple for beginners – There can be a many things to emphasis on when you an initial start playing golf, native swing come posture, to club choice and everything in between! enabling them a neutral, herbal grip method one less thing to worry around for the time being.

2. The the most natural feeling – till players gain used come it, few of the movements and grips in golf have the right to feel a small awkward. Adopting the ten-finger grip feels comfortable and can bring about a more relaxed hit in general.

3. It has actually greater impact power – all ten fingers space holding the club, which means all ten fingers deserve to transfer power from the arms to the society at point of impact. Combined with much more wrist flexibility—and a bigger snap-through in the swing—if tackled correctly, it permits for a lot of shot power.


1. The hands have the right to operate independently – v a neutral grip, your hands aren’t really connected and also can move somewhat independently of each other. Without the right strength and also discipline, this can result in a strength imbalance or messing increase the swing sequence, bring about a bad shot.

2. Too much freedom in the wrists – back wrist flexibility can be a blessing because that extra shooting power, it can also be a curse because that control. Power need to come indigenous the whole swing, and an overreliance top top the wrists have the right to entrench poor habits as well as cause mishits.

The Overlapping Grip

Golf’s most utilized grip no popularized until the last century, through a expert British golfer called Harry Vardon. His newfound an approach revolutionized the sports so much that, even to this day, the overlapping grip is additionally commonly recognized as the Vardon Grip. The bulk of today’s PGA specialists use the overlapping grip, and it’s most likely what you’ll be teach if you take it golf lessons.

How to perform the Overlapping Grip

Begin v the ten-finger grip, yet lift the pinky that the trailing hand and rest it in the groove between the index and middle finger of the top hand. The thumb of the top hand is still pointing down the club, and the trailing hand is moved closer to the top hand so over there is still no gap between them.



1. It combines freedom and control – By making the hand a little much more unified, the Vardon grip rises the lot of control you have over both wrists, help them relocate as one but without reducing their freedom entirely.

2. It’s good for bigger hands – Those with longer fingers and bigger hand will find the overlapping grip an ext comfortable, as it partially wraps around the leading hand and not just the club.

3. It’s less complicated to follow the professionals – Modeling her swing and also grip top top what the professionals do is always a good idea. Adopting the most popular golf club grip will certainly make this much easier to do.


1. Over there aren’t plenty of disadvantages to the Vardon grip. No wonder it’s still so popular! The just drawbacks are that it deserve to be contempt awkward for little hands come reach every the means around and that that sacrifices the extra squeeze of power available from a ten-finger grip.

The Interlocking Grip

What carry out Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, and also Rory McIlroy—some that the biggest golfers in history—have in common? they don’t usage the overlapping grip! Instead, these advantages favor a variation dubbed the interlocking tight and, if they’re finding substantial success through it, there’s no factor why you can’t, either!

How to do the Interlocking grip

With the interlocking grip, the pinky of the rolling hand is now fully between the index and middle finger of the leading hand, rather of just resting on height of the an are between them. It method the index finger of the top hand is now between the pinky and ring finger of the trailing hand, properly “interlocking” both hands.



1. That locks the hands and also wrists together – with the interlocking grip, both hands successfully act as one liquid unit. This provides you much far better control without having actually to think much about what her wrists are doing.

2. That reduces the tension on the society – through all ten fingers ago on the club, and the interlock normally helping you organize it, girlfriend don’t have to put so much pressure top top the grip. This help you avoid choking the club and enables for a an ext fluid swing.

3. It’s well-suited to little hands – players with small hands, such as children and female golfers, will find the interlocking grip much more comfortable than the overlapping grip.


Although some big-name football player swear through the interlocking grip, it’s no necessarily a magic cartridge for her game. There are some disadvantages, including:

1. It can be an awkward golf society grip for huge hands.

2. It deserve to reduce wrist activity too much, minimizing the power you acquire from the snap-through and making huge drives harder without a perfect swing.

3. Due to the fact that it renders you rely much more on your entirety body because that power and also accuracy, it have the right to amplify existing problems with your swing and also posture.

4. It have the right to seem an extremely unnatural to begin with, especially for more recent players, making it frustrating as you obtain used to it.

Which Golf Grip’s best for You?

Ultimately, deciding top top which tight you’ll use will come under to one straightforward rule: select the one i m sorry works ideal for you! together you deserve to see, over there are benefits and disadvantages to each grip, and not every player will uncover every tight to their liking.

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Take the time to road-test each grip and see i m sorry one feels comfortable and fits in normally with her swing. Practically every golfer has their own individual style of play—you should find a grip that suits it, not the other way around!

One the the simplest methods to execute this is through a residence golf simulator. As one of the ideal golf simulators top top the sector today, FSX 2020 not only provides you the flexibility to exercise shots over and also over again—on some of the world’s many iconic courses, no less—but likewise gives friend invaluable metrics and feedback through which come judge your grip.

With the strength of the FSX 2020 golf simulator, it’s basic to analyze and refine every element of your game. To acquire the finest golf simulator into your home, call us online or call us at (858) 880-0179 today!