Sell It(60 points)Throw the Away(20 points)Give that Back(11 points)Keep It(6 points)

2. Name Something that Stars Do during A Divorce that You wouldn’t Do.(5 answers)

Fight(28 points)Party(28 points)Date ideal Away(18 points)Go Public(5 points)Sue For huge Sums(5 points)

3. If You stayed in Soap Opera Land, name Something the Would occur A Lot an ext Often.(5 answers)

Drama/ Fights(25 points)Suspicious Deaths(20 points)Love Affairs(20 points)Romance/ Weddings(12 points)Break Ups/ Divorce(10 points)

4. Surname A type Of Court.(7 answers)

Tennis Court(23 points)Basketball Court(20 points)Supreme Court(16 points)Divorce Court(15 points)Traffic Court(12 points)Civil Court(9 points)Appeals Court(5 points)

5. Surname Something A couple Stops share After They acquire Divorced.(2 answers)

Bed(52 points)Car(3 points)

6. Name something certain a divorce man can have to learn how to do when living through himself.(2 answers)


7. Name Something You could Do If Your partner Snores(5 answers)

Nudge Them Sleep Elsewhere Kick Em Outa Bed Ear Plugs Divorce Them 

8. Surname something people shot to keep as soon as they gain divorced(3 answers)


9. Surname something a mrs should readjust after gaining divorced(7 answers)

Family NameLast NameSurnameNameNest EggAccountMoniker

10. Surname something a recently divorced man might do because that the very first time in years(7 answers)

CourtClubBlind DateBarNightclubPubDate

11. A male divorces ~ 25 year of marriage. Name something that will certainly be different about dating now(5 answers)

Age DifferencesIndependent WWho PaysExpenseInternet

12. Surname something a man might not have actually anymore after a divorce(2 answers)


13. If a man"s wife did whatever for him, name something in his house he"d have actually trouble making use of if they got divorced(5 answers)


14. Surname something the a person who just obtained divorced can be unconvinced to do(5 answers)

SubwaySkating RinkDateAirfareTaxi

15. Name something a man could hide right prior to he divorces his wife(6 answers)

AffairPhone NumbersNew AddressWedding RingMoneyLetters

16. Surname a celebrity couple who has fought through a nasty divorce(6 answers)

Jennifer and also B...Tom and also NicoleCharlie and De..Alec and KimPaul and Heath...Britney and also Ke...


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Surname something in a divorce settlement that can"t be separated in half(4 answers)

SailboatBrussel SproutsHouseChild

18. Us surveyed 100 married women...If your husband request you for a divorce Sunday night, what"s the first thing friend would carry out Monday morning(6 answers)