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"Solsbury Hill" is a tune by English musician Peter Gabriel. He created the song about a spiritual endure atop tiny Solsbury Hill in Somerset, England, ~ his exit from the gradual rock band Genesis, of i m sorry he had actually been the lead singer because its inception. The song was his debut single. The single was a height 20 struggle in the UK, peaking in ~ number 13, and also reached number 68 top top the Billboard hot 100 graph in 1977. The track has often been offered in movie trailers for romantic comedies. Gabriel has actually said the the song"s meaning, "It"s around being prepared to lose what you have actually for what you might get ... It"s about letting go." His former bandmate Tony financial institutions acknowledges the the song shows Gabriel"s decision to rest ties with Genesis, yet it can additionally be applied in a broader sense to instances of letting go in general. The tune is largely written in 74 time, an inexplicable time signature that has been defined as "giving the tune a consistent sense the struggle". The meter settles right into 44 time only for the critical two actions of each chorus. It is performed in the vital of B significant with a tempo that 102 beats every minute, v Gabriel"s vocals ranging from F♯3 to G♯4.more »

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Climbing up on Solsbury HillI can see the city lightWind was blowing, time was standing stillEagle flew out of the nightHe was something to observeCame in close, ns heard a voiceStanding, stretching every nerveHad come listen, had no choiceI did not think the informationJust had actually to trust imaginationMy heart going boom, boom, boom"Son", he said, "grab your things, I"ve come to take girlfriend home"To keep in silence i resignedMy friends would certainly think ns was a nutTurning water right into wineOpen doors would shortly be shutSo i went indigenous day to dayThough my life was in a rut"Til I assumed of what I"ll sayWhich connection I need to cutI to be feeling component of the sceneryI walked ideal out that the machineryMy heart going boom, boom, boom"Hey", that said, "grab your things, I"ve concerned take friend home"(Hey, ago home)When illusion spin her netI"m never where I desire to beAnd liberty she pirouetteWhen i think that i am freeWatched by north silhouettesWho close your eyes yet still deserve to seeNo one taught them etiquetteI will certainly show an additional meToday i don"t need a replacementI"ll tell them what the smile on my confront meantMy love going boom, boom, boom"Hey", i said, "you can keep my things, they"ve pertained to take me home"

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Peter Gabriel Peter Brian Gabriel (born 13 February 1950) is one English singer, musician, and songwriter who climbed to fame together the command vocalist and flautist the the progressive rock group Genesis. ~ leaving Genesis, Gabriel went on to a successful solo career.

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His 1986 album, So, is his most commercially successful, and the album"s biggest hit, "Sledgehammer", winner a record nine MTV Awards in ~ the 1987 MTV video clip Music Awards, and also the song is the many played music video clip in the history of the station. An ext »