Overpass is a brand-new kind of gyeongju game, whereby the systems to win is to it is in gentle v the accelerator to save some grip and be able to power through mud, rocks, steep slopes and also many obstacles.

You’re in ~ the wheel of buggies and quads and mustfind a way to finish the track. Yes, the ultimate score is to carry out it in ~ thebest time possible, yet the first step is come explore and also make it come the finishline. The not always so easy to do!

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No issue which problem you room facing, yourbest shoot is to analyze it quickly and understand the best way or the bestangle to overcome it. Then, girlfriend will have to be gentle on the accelerator to getenough power to climb, but not too much if you don’t desire to shed grip.

Overpass is available now ~ above the Microsoft Store.

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The deluxe edition also gives you accessibility to to exclude, vehicles and a distinct livery to drive v style! For an ext information or questions about Overpass, you have the right to join united state on the main Facebook and also Twitter pages. See you off-road!