Most boating crashes occur in the summer month or ~ above holidays, and also many have actually nothing to do with bad weather conditions. Lock are generally caused by a distracted and reckless boat operation, alcohol or medicine consumption, devices failure, insufficient passenger behavior, or operator inexperience.

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Both the fourth of July and new Year’s night present an unusually heightened risk for boating. On these occasions, plenty of are ~ above the water at night to watch fireworks, and also visibility is poor. This makes other vessels and channel markers challenging to see.

Boating mishaps that take place under this circumstances can have major consequences such as serious injuries, boat damages, and also even death. Most crashes occur in the ocean or just areas, as opposed to rivers or lakes. It is likewise a reality that many of these accidents happen in small, open vessels top top inland waters between daylight hours when the weather is fair, and the visibility is clear, the water is calm, and also the breezes space light.

Boating accidents most frequently involve powerboats and also cabin cruisers. The main factors of boating crashes include:

Operator distraction, inexperience, or recklessness - one inexperienced watercraft operator is much more likely to commit a wrong when facing unfamiliar or unpredictable circumstances.Inadequate passenger behavior.Alcohol or medicine consumption - a courage operator or the passengers are an ext likely to be distracted or action recklessly if they room under the affect of alcohol or drugs.Equipment failure - equipment failure is much more likely to take place in harsh weather.Weather - bad weather is just one of the most far-ranging risks watercraft operators face because crashes that take place in these circumstances often lead come the vessel"s loss and severe, if not fatal, injuries.

These causes can take place alone, however two or an ext reasons often add to a devastating event. The most typical injuries the above causes may bring about include:


If you space a passenger or watercraft operator connected in a boating accident, you deserve to recover financial compensation. us can assist you prove the accident emerged because of someone else’s negligence.

What are the Most typical Boating accidents in Miami?

According to the Florida Fish and also Wildlife conservation Commission, Miami-Dade to be the 2nd among the top 5 Florida counties with the highest number of boating crashes in 2017. The most typical boating mishaps in Miami room those in which the vessel’s operation, construction, sea-worthiness, equipment, or machinery leader to:

Property damageA who disappearanceTotal ship loss

Common varieties of boating accidents include:

CapsizingCarbon monoxide poisoningCollisionsEjection native vesselElectrocutionFall in the vessel and overboardFire/explosionsFlooding/swampingGrounding/sinking

The most frequent sources the injuries are:

Collisions through recreational vesselsFlooding/swampingCollisions with resolved objectsGroundingSkier mishaps

Parasailing accidents, wave runner, or jet ski crashes are also prevalent ~ above the coastline of Florida. The species of vessels through the highest variety of casualties are personal watercraft, open motorboats, cabin motorboats, pontoon boats, and also canoes or kayaks.

How have the right to I Avoid acquiring Injured while Boating?

Wearing a life jacket is the most essential thing girlfriend should take into consideration when boating. Drowning was the number one known reason of death in numerous accidents. the end of the total number of 459 deaths caused by drowning, 379 deaths developed when the life coat was no worn. perform not consume alcohol or take it drugs when driving a boat, and also consider taking boating safety and security courses. Girlfriend should always be alert to the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning anytime friend are below deck in a confined space. Here are 12 tips to prevent injuries and also death if boating:

Do not run the ship under the influence of alcohol or drugs.Do not revolve down your emergency radio.Avoid too much speed while boating.Make certain your boat is correctly maintained.If you are renting a boat, check out the liability waiver carefully.Know the law around life jackets and make sure everybody is attract one.Do not overload her boat.Know what to perform in instance of one emergency.Make certain your safety equipment is in good working order, and also make certain you know exactly how to use it.Get a complimentary vessel safety check performed through a qualified U.S. Coastline Guard auxiliary vessel examiner.Watch the weather.Take a boating security course.

The number of boating mishaps in Miami has actually increased in the past couple of years. The main reasons room that some boat operators execute not monitor the safety guidelines regulation by federal and state laws in Florida, and also there are an ext boats than ever in Miami. Follow to shore Guard data, Florida leads in boating mishaps and deaths. The 2017 boating accident statistics show that 63% of the reportable boating accidents occurred in Florida counties. The top five counties for boating accidents in Florida in 2017 were: Monroe County, Miami-Dade, Broward County, Pinellas County, Lee County.

What have the right to I execute After a Boating Accident in Miami to pursue Compensation?

If you were hurt in a boating accident in Miami, we strongly recommend you seek legal advice native an proficient attorney because the law on waterways cases is complex. Some boating accidents can autumn under the general Florida law, vice versa, Admiralty or naval law uses to others. it is necessary to have actually an skilled attorney navigating these complexities because that you.

Consulting one attorney that is well-versed in Florida watercraft accident regulations is highly recommended to type out the jurisdiction and also time limits for submit a lawsuit. Sean M. Cleary has vast experience in applying boating accident laws, and also we constantly concentrate our working setup on acting promptly and also transparently to conference the necessary information and also evidence as conveniently as possible:

We talk to witnesses.Go to the step of the accident.Investigate the vessel in addition to reputable boating specialists who can help us much better understand what go wrong.

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At The legislation Offices the Sean M. Cleary, we take care of boat mishaps with the greatest professional and also legal requirements so that ours clients have the right to receive compensation for their physical and emotional suffering.