Unlike some well-defined relationships, there a some that don"t really have actually a name. Over there is a zone between friendship and love and also sometimes, that"s wherein all the magic lies. Room you in among those "flirtationships" where you are more than friends yet less than lovers? Well, if you room not an extremely sure, we"ve damaged it under for you. Right here are 8 indicators that"ll tell you if you"re his "half girlfriend" ... 

1. Jealousy flows 

 So you have actually this undeniable connection yet you room still his friend. Friend love talking to him about everyday things and even talk about other men who have actually been trying come woo you. All of sudden you notification a to explode of jealously and also he tells you things like "I don"t want to know" or "I"m not interested in knowing". If that"s how things are, he"s clearly jealous due to the fact that he thinks of you as someone an ext than a friend and also you room special to him. If you have actually the very same feelings towards him, there"s all the much more chances that you, mine friend, space his half-girlfriend! 

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2. You"d ditch others because that them and so would certainly he

You have a funny evening planned through your girls and also he needs to go out through his colleagues. Suddenly, that decides to cancel his plans and wants to hangout v you instead. That calls you to tell you and you agree. You comprise an excuse and ditch your friends simply to be v him. The 2 of you laugh about it later on only come wonder later..."Why did I do that?" you smile and also let the assumed pass...


3. Girlfriend keep having actually "moments"

The 2 of you room super comfortable through each other. Girlfriend hangout an extremely often and also are the finest of friends. However, despite you might not talk about, you understand that there have been a pair of "moments" as soon as you"ve had actually to protect against for a 2nd and step back. You have actually those "What was that?" sort of feeling. 

4. You"ve kissed or almost-kissed atleast once 

The moment there"s a sex-related attraction with your girlfriend is probably the minute it becomes more than friendship. No everyone wants to make out through their friends, so simply so girlfriend know, it"s no as common as you might want come believe. 


5. You"re always texting 

If you are addicted to her phone only since you room constantly text massage him, there"s something an ext than friendship that"s brewing. You wish him ""good morning"" and "goodnight" and also the work you don"t, the becomes a subject of discussion. If that"s the case, there"s a great chance you males are an ext than "just friends".

6. Girlfriend talk about them non-stop 

All the other civilization you hang out with room fedup with you talking around this "friend" of yours. But that doesn"t avoid you. You save making references and he somehow i do not care a part of many discussions. 


7. They plot masculine or you act girly about them

Experts say once a girlfriend acts more feminine or masculine around another, it is a sure sign of interest. In normal situations, 2 friends nothing really see each various other as male or female, they just see them together a person, who personality is one the they can get along with. Guys will see their girl friends as a "bro" and vice versa. So if he"s making an initiative to show you he"s manly and also you behave like a lady in prior of him, there"s definitely more to it. 

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8. The tries to do you jealous and vice versa

One that the standard signs someone has romantic feelings towards a girlfriend is if they try to make you feeling jealous. They carry out it to view your reaction in the direction of them gift close v someone else. And if girlfriend do obtain jealous...it isn"t rocket science!