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(spoken)Dragon whiskersDragon toesA dragon toothAnd a dragon nose(sung)Every small pieceEvery small pieceWe can make a million bySlicing him, dicing himHoagy, we could sellEvery tiny shellThere's sufficient of him to go aroundMoney, money, money by the poundEvery little pieceEvery little pieceWe deserve to take a scissor andClip him up, rip the upEvery little part is a occupational of artThink the what a dragon heart would certainly bringWrapped increase in a ribbon and also a stringDragon liver can cure a coldDragon powder grow hair(gasps)With dragon blood, you'll never prosper oldEvery item is spanned with goldEvery article is extended with gold!
Every little pieceEvery small pieceDragon, you're mine wagon toDestiny. You're the key!Every small shredMoving me aheadEvery dream the mine will certainly be fulfilledWhat a dragon company we have the right to build!Dragon cartilage keeps you thinDragon fat is for burns(gasps)A dragon tear will clear up your skinWatch the earnings come roll inWatch the earnings come roll in!Every little pieceEvery little creaseLead me to the dragon I'llBuy the up, tie the upDrag that from the caveShow him the I'm braveI'll tie him up, grind him upLop that up, chop that upCan't girlfriend hear the jingle-jangle sound?Oh, yeah!It's money, money, money by the pound
Money! Money! Money!Crowns!Sous'!We'll have banks--full of francs!Quids!Bucks!In truckloads!Cash!Stocks!Bonds!Bigger shares!Millionaires!Marks!Yens!In tens and also twenties!Cash!
Dragon cartilage keeps girlfriend thinDragon fat is for burnsA dragon tear will settle your skinWatch the profits come rojo inWatch the profits come rolling in!Every little pieceEvery tiny creaseLead me to the dragon I'llBuy the upTie him upDrag him from the caveShow him the we're brave (Hoagy: five no, boss, no! You go yourself)W'll bind him up, grind the upLop that up, chop him upCan't you hear the jingle-jangle sound?Oh, yeah!It's money, money, money by the pound(repeats until fade)Money, money, money by the poundMoney, money, money through the pound

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