Do you want to understand what would happen if you combined a red dye through a blonde dye? us can practically get come the answer to that question based on common sense, because:
If friend mix red dye v blonde dye, you’ll gain a lighter red than many conventional brands offer.

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But to acquire that unique, light red, you’ll need to mix that with a level 9 or 10 blonde.And, instead of making use of a 20 volume developer like you’d execute with most dyes, you’ll need to use a 30 volume developer, since that will certainly lighten your hair.

Red dyes room amazing, and brands space constantly boosting their offerings the red dye.

In hair salons, it’s common to mix different shades of dye, due to the fact that at the finish of the day, every client wants their own, distinct shade.

But, once again, I have to tell you the colorimetry is a science, practically as exact as mathematics.

It won’t work if you just go come the store and also pick up the very first red dye you see and also mix it with just any kind of old blonde.

Because, if girlfriend don’t pick the specific right blonde, then every you’ll carry out is finish up wasting money because you’ll have actually to finish up throw both crate of dye away.

Do you want to know what my an initial recommendation in regards to red shades?

First, try to uncover your right red in the shade kits the the most famous brands sell.

Believe the or not, brands don’t simply offer red dyes, they additionally have burgundy, coppers, purples and also even colors that stylists call pale red.

If you can’t find “that red,” the unique one that defines your style, climate you’ve got to the point where you will should make your very own red dye by mixing red and also blonde shades.


But, you have to keep in mind the reds space special shades that are usually exterior the color palette, which is why each brand has its unique number system for this colors.

Generally, they room numbered in between 4.66 and also 7.77 and most red shades have attention-grabbing names, like ruby red or red passion.

Although mixing red and also blonde dye can be hard, i’m going to shot to simplify it as much as I deserve to to help you end up being a true “woman in red.”

So, rod around, due to the fact that I’m going to tell you:
How to effectively mix red and blonde dyeHow come take care of her hair as soon as you’ve dyed it redReady to find the red of her dreams?

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How to mix red and blonde dye correctly

How to mix red and also blonde dye correctly


Before i told you that colorimetry is an exact science, just like math, and that’s why it’s guided by formulas.

To gain a lighter red dye, you need to follow the formula for mixing dyes, i m sorry is:

SHADE that DYE + the shade OF DYE = result / number of DYES


The result of this formula will provide you the exact number of the shade you’ll use to your hair.

Remember the you should always choose a level 9 or 10 blonde if you want to lighten the red dye you buy because if you usage it with another shade of blonde, girlfriend won’t an alert the difference.

Let’s take a look at at 2 concrete examples of this formula:

If you determined a 6.66 shade red and also a irradiate blonde 9, the formula will certainly look like this:

6.66 + 9 = 15.66 / 2 = 7.83.


What does that mean? It method that you will do be applying shade 7.83 to your hair.

If you decided a 4.66 red and a 10 extra light blonde, the formula would be:

4.66 + 10 = 14.66 / 2 = 7.33

That method that you’d dye your hair with a 7.33 red.

Why is this formula important?


Because the following time you dye your hair, you can remember which tones you combined to acquire that unique shade you’ve been browsing for.

So, you must write it down somewhere and keep it under lock and also key.

Another thing that’s an extremely important to keep in mind as soon as it come time come mix 2 shades is the you should use a 30 volume developer.

Yes, I recognize when it comes to dyeing her hair, you always use a 20 volume developer, however in those cases, you’re just depositing color.

In this case, we desire to do the peroxide in the developer lighten her hair while additionally applying the dye come it.


So, this time, the developer is critical ally.

Now, if you’re all set to create your red dye, let’s take it a look at what she going come need:
A kit that red dye in the color you likeA kit the level 9 or 10 blonde dye30 volume developerA dye brushOnce you have every one of the materials, friend can gain started. The first thing you should do is mix the dyes.

Mixing dyes

Step 1

Squirt the tube of red and also blonde dye right into a plastic container.Add the 30 volume developer and mix till you reach a smooth consistency.


Apply the dye

Step 2

Detangle your hair till no knots remain.Apply the dye from her roots to her ends and also let that sit because that 30-45 minutes.

Step 3

Once the complete exposure time has actually passed, rinse your hair v lukewarm water.Use the post-color conditioner included in the kits to nurture your hair after ~ dyeing it.

And the last action is to take it a look in the winter to uncover the distinct red that you created.

Remember to keep the number of dye girlfriend used at hand since once you need to refresh her dye, you’ll must use the same ones to gain the same color.

Now that you’ve gotten your best red, you don’t desire it come fade quickly, right?


If not, take keep in mind of these piece of advice to save your red as bright as the very first day.

How to take treatment of your unique red color


If you wait the complete 72 hours, the colors in the dye will better adhere to her hair fiber and your shade will last longer.

Do you remember just how you used a 30 volume developer?

Your hair probably feels dry after utilizing the 30 volume developer since it’s stronger than a 20 volume developer. So, give your hair a small extra love once a week through a hydrating mask.

If the red shade you’ve preferred is in the range of dark red, then your hair could look a little copper or orange after part time.

If the happens, climate your ideal bet is to use blue shampoo once a mainly to get rid of those undesirable tones.

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Now that time to gain out and also show off your distinct shade the red.

Tell me, i m sorry shades of red and blonde did you use to obtain your right red?

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