An active Roman Catholic Church in the Diocese of san José. Since 1851, it has actually been the spiritual center of what is now the college of Santa Clara.

Santa Clara de Asís was established on January 12, 1777 and was the an initial mission in California to respect a mrs saint, Saint Claire that Assisi, a 13th century Italian nun. Likewise known as Mission Santa Clara, this mission is the site of the first and oldest university in California, Santa Clara University, i m sorry was founded in 1851.

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Santa Clara university is five (5) mile from mountain José Airport and also 35 miles from the san Francisco Airport.

Please contact the Mission straight by call or by visiting the mission website because that the most current information.

Due come Covid-19 restrictions, the is best to examine for existing information.

Weddings have to be scheduled by call the Mission office at 408-554-4023 or by visiting the wedding page on the Mission website. A year-and-a-half an alert is strong recommended. This is a well-known place for weddings by those who have actually attended Santa Clara University and they are given preference.

Santa Clara is the oldest university in California. It arisen from the Mission established in 1777.

The church is an attractive \"modern interpretation\" that the 1825 church.

This is an energetic church serving the university and also local community.

The Altar of Remembrance honoring those who have died.

There is a well-maintained rose garden come the right of the church. This to be the website of a

The formal interment grounds for the stays of the dead. Most of the mission cemeteries were sited surrounding to the mission church.
Sun-dried bricks make of clay mined with straw and also sometimes steed manure, then baked in the sun. Likewise refers to structures made that this material.
\">adobe wall has been kept on the mission grounds. Over there is a plaque comprise information about the walls in 1822.

The side view of the restored mission church reflects the wooden cross put up in 1777. It now has a safety casing.

Mission Santa Clara picture by Jo Ga
Santa Clara de Asis Altar that RemembranceSanta Clara Mission Adobe Wall
Santa Clara de Asis check out of Church and Its historic Cross

It is possible to visit goals Santa Clara, mountain Jose and Santa Cruz in one complete day if you start early.

Enjoy Santa Clara because that its distinctive history, landscaped grounds, and the vivid spirit the a big Catholic college where a mission church is a center of campus life.The campus bookstore has actually a tiny collection of product on the mission. This is not a mission gift shop.

Saint Clare that Assisi, thought about the co-foundress (with Saint Francis) the the bespeak of poor Clares.

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Saint Clare the Assisi
Santa Clara de Asis Portrait Fr. Junípero Serra
Four-sided enclosure. Most objectives were set out using a quadrangle design.
Santa Clara de Asis livestock Brand
Mission Santa Clara 1848
Santa Clara burn of the Mission 1926