The central region of an atom is dubbed the _____.

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physicalChemical or physical change? breaking a window
8If the atomic number of an facet is 6 and also its mass number is 14, how countless neutrons are had in the nucleus?
ionAn atom the loses or gains electrons is called a(n) ______.
isotopesAtoms containing the very same numbers the protons and different numbers of neutrons room ______.
neutronsIsotopes that the same facet differ in the variety of _____.
protons & neutronsThe mass variety of an atom is obtained by totaling the number of _____& ______.
ionic, covalent, metallicThe three main species of chemical bonds:
compoundWhen two or much more elements bond with each other in definite proportions, the kind a(n):
forms between positive and an adverse ions?What kind of chemistry bond forms in between positive and negative ions?
naturally occurringOne characteristics of a mineral
solidOne characteristics of a mineral
inorganicOne characteristics of a mineral
elementsWhat room the structure blocks of atoms?
definite chemical compositionOne characteristics of a mineral
crystal structureOne properties of a mineral
ice is a solidWhy is ice cream in a glacier considered to it is in a mineral, yet water indigenous a glacier is not?
precipitationMinerals form from body of water as result of the process of _____.
crystallizationThe process of mineral formation from magma is referred to as _____.
deep in ~ the earthWhere would certainly mineral development caused through high pressures and high temperature be most most likely to occur?
compositionMinerals are classified by ____.
carbonateA mineral that contains carbon, oxygen, and also the metallic facet magnesium would certainly be classified together a(n) _____.
silicon-oxygen tetrahedronThe structure block that the silicate mineral is called the _____.
sulfurAll minerals in the sulfate and also sulfide teams contain what element?
mineralWhat is a naturally occurring, inorganic solid with an orderly crystalline structure and also a definite chemical composition?
silicateTo which mineral grop go orthoclase feldspar (KAlSi3O8) belong?
colorWhich residential property is normally the least advantageous in identify minerals?
lusterThe appearance or top quality of irradiate reflected indigenous the surface of a mineral is called _____.
hardnessThe resistance that a mineral to being scratched is referred to as _____.
streakThe color of the powdered type of a mineral is called _____.
hardnessMohs range is offered to recognize what residential or commercial property of minerals?
cleavageThe tendency of mineral to break follow me smooth level surfaces is called _____.
fractureWhat is the uneven wrong of a mineral called?
internal structureWhat determines whether a mineral will present cleavage or rest in rarely often, rarely fractures?
calciteWhich that these will certainly fizz in contact with hydrochloric acid: quartz, calcite, flourite, gold?
taste, smell, acid, magnetic, feelName 5 unique tests supplied to identify a mineral.

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talcWhich of the complying with minerals would certainly you be able to scratch v your fingernail: quartz, diamond, talc, flourite
diamondWhat is the hardest mineral top top the Mohs hardness scale?
pyriteName a mineral the is an example of metallic luster?
chemicalChemical or physical change? lumber burning
physicalChemical or physics change? Tearing a paper of paper
chemicalChemical or physical change? Milk souring
physicalChemical or physics change? tye-dying a shirt
chemicalChemical or physics change? steel rustin
atomThe smallest particle of an facet that tho retains every one of the facets properties is a(n) __________.