Cory and also Victor Baxter top to the White residence when Cory in the House — a That’s so Raven spinoff series — premiered top top Disney Channel in 2007!

Starring Kyle Massey, Madison Pettis, Maiara Walsh, Jason DolleyJohn D’Aquino and also Rondell Sheridan, the show followed chef and Baxter family patriarch, Victor (Rondell), as he and his son, Cory (Kyle), relocated to Washington D.C. The father-son duo lived in the White house while Victor worked as the chairman of the unified States’ head chef. While his dad to be at work, Cory often found himself in assorted schemes many thanks to friend Newt (Jason) and Meena (Maira). Together, the trio to be constantly trying come outsmart the president’s daughter, Sophie (Madison). After two seasons on the air, Cory in the House involved an finish in September 2008.

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While the stars have actually gone ~ above to star in a bunch of various other TV shows and also movies, they’ve all continued to be close. In fact, Madison has actually actually shared a couple of reunions through her previous costars on social media end the years. In September 2017, she and Maiara posed because that a selfie mutual via Snapchat. “Cory in the residence reunion,” the Game Plan alum captioned she post. “Sophie and also Meena 10 year later.”

Then, two months later, she also ran into Jason. In a December 2017 Instagram stories post, the previous Disney stars posed for a sweet picture. “Look who I ran into,” Madison wrote. “Sophie and Newt reunited.”

As for Kyle, he and also Madison shared an Instagram snap in September 2016. “#OMFG acquired to hug my sis
madisonpettis tonight,” he captioned the pic.

Following their Cory in the House days, Jason went on come star as P.J. Duncan in an additional Disney Channel show, Good lucky Charlie. Madison, for she part, made a major name for herself in Hollywood and also even nabbed a function in the 2021 Netflix movie He’s all That. Maiara has also acted in miscellaneous TV mirrors over the years. The star of the show, Kyle, continued his acting career prior to getting into some legal trouble in June 2021.

According come court documents acquired by Us Weekly at the time, the Disney alum was charged with communicating with a minor for immoral functions after allegedly sending out suggestive messages to a teenager girl. That was first sued because that allegedly sending the message in 2019, yet the situation did no proceed. The docs also reported that the cases were being investigated since February 2020. Kyle denied the cases following both lawsuits. His attorney claimed in a June 2021 explain to TMZ that the gibbs “became conscious of his dues yesterday v the media, and also he maintains that the allegations are urged by revenge due to the fact that the accuser no succeed in her 2019 polite suit,” noting that Kyle “intends to aggressively safeguard these accusations again and will look for civil loss from those the refuse come hear the facts. … We arrangement to seek very early dismissal lastly putting this poor behavior come rest.” has reached out to Kyle’s rep.

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Kyle Massey play Cory Baxter

He came to be the voice the Milo ~ above the Disney Channel TV collection Fish Hooks and has showed up on various other shows, including The electric Company, Mighty Magiswords, Being mary JaneGotham and more. He also stepped right into the music industry, and he dropped a bunch of bops over the years. He also made a few songs with his brother, Chris Massey. In 2010, he completed in the 10th season of Dancing through the Stars, wherein he come in 2nd place.