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Medal that Honor: climbing Sun Cheats because that PlayStation 2

how to find the Trench device The trench device digs up dirt because that in video game secrets. To find the device you must gain to the level called Search the yamashitakas gold and find the lotus flower on a statue inside the palace. Walk as much as the front of it and also you"ll choose it up. After you fall down the hole, go down to the finish of the hall right into a room v a gold statue. Over there is a pedsetal. Push X top top it and also it have to say, "YOU have actually REACHED ENLIGHTENMENT." climate a door will show up to the right and in there is a hammer-like tool.

Contributed by: abu21

Dissapearing Soldier

When doing the 4th mission, Midnight attack on Guadacanal, as soon as the 2nd soldier pipeline you and and the various other character come ""cover you"" indigenous behind, walk in front of him and push him through the level through walking right into him. Girlfriend will need to angle part pushes too. After pushing him a bit, he will certainly vanish and never be viewed again, also if girlfriend go back to the spot that was initially at.

Contributed by: RenegadeFlame

boundless ammo cheat in job Of Infamy

This trick needs the trench tool from the search For Yamashita"s gold mission. As you space making your method up with the ship you will view a soldier that has actually been pce in the face with heavy steam from an explosive pipe. Technique the soldier and also press X. The message ""Entrenchment tool Used"" will appear. This will certainly unlock the ""Unlimited Ammo"" cheat in the bonus menu.

Contributed by: Asianrice


(you need the entrenching device in order because that this to work.) top top the Supercarrier Sabotage level keep opening doors until you discover a locker room through soldiers in it. Death them and walk towards the dark locker. Press X top top the locker and also you should have actually unlocked the bonus choice ""Immortality""

Contributed by: phillipinoboi


Go to the choices menu and also select passwords.

"Achilles Head Mode"
"Always Sniper" mode
"Bullet Shield" mode
"Invisible Soldiers" mode
"Perfectionist" mode
"Rubber Grenades" mode
All Replay Items
Makes Everyone"s arms HUGE
Men through Hats
Silver bullet Mode
Unlimitied Ammuntion
Unlocks all Missions

Contributed by: asonuvagun, russinator, understand Roshi, guns N Roses Forever, The Outsiders


Get 3 yellow Stars on every level to obtain a medal.

Unlockable Unlockable Mission 5 - 75% Accuracy, much less Than 50 Hits, complete 2 Bonus goals (Storm fill Howitzer - save Lt. Harrison) Mission 1 - complete 2 Bonus missions (Assist technician - conserve Crewman) Mission 7 - 85% Accuracy, less Than 50 Hits, finish 2 Bonus goals (Destroy Radio devices - damage Sake Supply) Mission 8 - 85% Accuracy, less Than 90 Hits, finish 2 Bonus objectives (Eliminate 10 enemies at Blockade - Disable Barge Dock) Mission 4 - 75% Accuracy, much less than 50 Hits, finish 2 Bonus missions (Collect 5 files - Disable Generator) Mission 6 - 75% Accuracy, much less than 51 Hits, finish 2 Bonus missions (Rescue 3 POWs - find 3 extr Evidence) receive a medal on each mission Mission 2 - complete 2 Bonus goals (Shoot under 20 plane - Shoot down 75 Planes) Mission 3 - 75% Accuracy, less Than 100 Hits, finish 2 Bonus goals (Find Shima"s photograph - Find gold Buddha) Mission 9 - 50% Accuracy, much less Than 150 Hits, complete 2 Bonus missions (Send False Radio infection - find 3 royal Orders)
American Campaign
American Defense Service
Asiatic Pacific Campaign
Bronze Star
Guadalcanal Patch
Marine Corps Expeditionary
Navy Cross
Navy distinguished Service
Philippine Defense
Silver Star

Contributed by: jschweed3

location of skins: Unlockable Unlockable The very first skin can be uncovered in the barber shop, right across the bathroom. You"ll uncover a skin ~ above the second floor of the structure with the locked iron gate to the city center and also the maker gun on the roof. girlfriend can uncover a skin in that substantial last builing befor the ammo depot. You"ll discover the skin in the POW camp. It"s in the greatest hut. This one deserve to be found in the room after the kitchen in the hotel. In the prison area. ~ it"s one of the next rooms on her right. You"ll need the skeleton vital to access this room. as soon as you have met up with the Chindits, you"ll uncover it in the an initial cave.

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This critical skin can be found be in the strategy room. (After being held captive)
MISSION 1: job of Imfany : navy ENGENEER
MISSION 3: autumn of the Philippines: "GUNNIE" LAUTON
MISSION 4: Midnight assault on Guadalcanal: GUAD NATIVE
MISSION 5: Pistol Pete Showdown: Lt HARRISON
MISSION 7: looking for Yamashita"s Gold: flying TIGER PILOT"
MISSION 8: A bridge on the river Kwai: CHINDIT
MISSION 9: Supercarries Sabotage: commander SHIMA

Contributed by: Fjoeri

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