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When utilizing ourselves and another human being as the subject of a sentence, we use their name very first (like "John and also I"); yet when the same two people come to be the thing of a sentence, i beg your pardon order should the 2 people show up in? (I identify that the object pronoun need to be me and also not I, yet I desire to know whether me should show up before the various other person"s surname or after ~ it.)

Which one is correct?

Sean eats pizza v me and also John.

Sean eats pizza through John and also me.



When writing formal emails to clients, and also I am asking them to call us if castle have any type of issues, I usage either "me or John" OR "John or me".

How i personally differentiate in between the two is by placing the desired contact"s name first. If I"d like the client to call John, ns would placed his name first. As both room grammatically exactly (per the above responses) I have actually no preference other than that!

As for "John and me"... Ns would probably write it this way just for the officially looking nature of it (damn you "John and also I"!) - yet I wouldn"t lose any kind of sleep end it either way.


As Peter Shor and also John Lawler have actually mentioned in the comments, grammatically one of two people order is correct. However, sdrta.net-speaking children are teach to put the pronoun referring to themselves critical (the reason given being the it is much more polite to put others prior to yourself), so I would agree through skaaptjop that "__ and also me" is the safest method of speak this (this of food only applies to the thing position; because that the subject "__ and also I" would certainly be supplied instead).

Despite this rule of etiquette, it"s no surprising to hear world using phrases like "me and also you" or "me and also my friend".

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I remember being taught in grade school (in the 70"s) that "me and also ________" was the correct kind for the thing of a sentence, but I have seen both offered since. Also, it was grade college so perhaps they said both ways were acceptable and I have forgotten in the interim.


Unusually sufficient it would seem, i was actually taught that as soon as using "I", ns comes second, but when using "me", me comes first, for this reason it would be "Bill and also I" for the topic of the sentence or "me and also Bill" because that the object of the sentence. Ns don"t recall ever before being taught that it was much more polite to ar yourself critical in the listing.

In other languages, at the very least 6 the I know of, it"s not only formal, but educated and "natural" to put "me" after ~ XXXX. Most people wouldn"t even think about the idea of saying something prefer "me and my team achieved..."

I was also taught from grade institution through college that "I" always comes second, however "me" constantly comes first. In a nutshell "XXXXXXX and me" is never ever correct. I majored in sdrta.net and have worked as a salaried writer for practically 30 years, and also I can"t believe how countless resources there room online espousing usage of "and me." (Have I discovered "Fake Grammar"?)

If girlfriend think about what any "me and" statement is communicating, it makes sense come state "me" first. Because that example:

"I expect you"ll join me and also the management team in ~ our yearly meeting."

Stating "me" first makes the statement sound sincere. You"d never ever say, "I expect you"ll join the team in going come that thing I won"t be going to." Why would you expect someone would execute something v someone else the you"re not associated in? girlfriend wouldn"t, so speak you would have actually some hope around it is insincere. You"re just going come hope who attends something that you will additionally be attending, ostensibly since you hope to watch that human being at the event. The other human being being over there are alongside the point. You deserve to only to express your own "hope," which is that "you"ll sign up with me."