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Hey guys I to be in the industry for a nicely provided marlin 30-30 however the difficulty I am having actually is that all the neighborhood gun shops room expecting nearly brand-new prices for even a fairly used rifle through some indicators of wear ~ above the gun ( boy scratches ~ above the stocks and also slight blems of the bluing). Ns would choose to know what a same price ~ above a total of his kind in good condition should be so I recognize what to offer the dealer and also still be fair or simply walk away.
Provided it was in great shape, I would pay just as much for an enlarge 336 as I would certainly for a brand-new one. You i do not know beat a pre safety design that is in good condition. Many civilization buy guns and also they rarely if ever before get shot. Even my old 30-30 most likely doesnt see much more than a crate or 2 of ammo a year. I havent seen a an excellent 30-30 in a pawn shop in rather some time, the being said, ns am no in a large area because that pawn shops. However, as soon as one does come in, the dont last long. The best place to acquire a great idea on what prices space running is utilizing GUNBROKER. Simply remember that whatever the pistol sales for your also gonna pay a FFL fee and shipping. Those two combined run $50 to $60.


Prices in my area are pretty lot like wherein Cajun is. I once paid as lot as $280 because that a yes, really nice pre-safety 336C .30-30 (about 95-98%) in a personal sale in ~ a total show.
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Since last large scare, price are beginning to come down. No fast, yet returning come something sane. Houston area - asking prices room down come $300ish depending on condition. Pretty well matching a brand-new walmart model. Winchesters are still high at $450(+). A damaged stocked, directly stock Texan 30-30 simply went because that $200. I"m watching 3 right currently at a pawn shop. 336 RC (1956? - no waffle top) questioning price $300, a 70"s model with a TASCO & rust at $250 and a newer safety model additionally at $300. Since I have actually 4 - 30-30"s, I"m no in a hurry. Though that RC is NICE!

Around here, girlfriend see supplied ones in an excellent shape because that $375 or $400. Ns bought my last two for $300 and they to be in great shape & great shape. I paid $375 because that a 336C in 35 Rem, & I"d pay the again if it was one without the safety in great shape. They just don"t make"em choose that any type of more.
If you have the right to make it to a gun show at the very least in the Charlotte area I have the right to find great ones virtually every display for $300. Purchase a couple of that way. Simply picked up a Glenfield 30GT because that $300 at a Pawn Shop today. Metal looks favor it was lightly used however birch stock demands refinishing. Good luck.Jim
In my area 336C"s fetch from $300 come $365, through the higher range gift for firearms in 90-95% condition. The price could be reduced for really beat up rifle. However, I uncover it pays to very closely look at a bunch and also evaluate yourself regarding what you feeling the condition is. I"ve checked out some in ~ the lower price variety that i felt were much better condition than the higher priced guns. -Mike
If you deserve to make it come a gun present at least in the Charlotte area I have the right to find an excellent ones nearly every show for $300. To buy a couple of that way. Simply picked increase a Glenfield 30GT because that $300 at a Pawn Shop today. Metal looks like it was lightly used however birch stock demands refinishing. Great luck.Jim
Any possibility that was the one at at Beltway Gun and also Pawn off independence near 485? One hung out there because that awhile recently.
I recently bought an "83 (w/safety) 336CS .30-30 at a gun show. Forend has a little scuff on one side and also there is a tiny area top top the barrel whereby the bluing is in ~ a tiny thin, no rust though. Bullseye is absent too if the counts. Paid $250 the end the door.
I been buying larger Marlins right along and also discovered I can have a new Mart gun for about the very same price. Guess: v I prefer some "crust" top top the bread ns buy. I don"t trust new shiney firearms anymore 보다 I to trust a brand-new shiney truck. It has not proven itself. (I know, it"s a mental thing) ns don"t watch anything under 300 any type of more. And some the those, space not too great looking.Bestboss
I have provided up reality for lever actions, Jeeps and also have a wife that understands. It"s a far better world! Team 30-30 #236. Team 1894 #187.
Any opportunity that to be the one in ~ at Beltway Gun and Pawn off self-reliance near 485? One hung out there for awhile recently.
Yes sir that would certainly be it. Ns traded a 336C 35 for a 51 336 SC there on sat too. After posting around it here was persuaded I required to go earlier and obtain that one too. Glad ns did. Didn"t know just how rare castle were. Girlfriend shoot around here? I have to go come Efirds close to Albemarle about an hour away from Monroe where I am. Jim
I walk to Rankin Lake Park in Gastonia near 321 and I-85 ~ above Saturday afternoons or Shooters express indoor variety as a second, minimal choice. Efirds can actually it is in closer. I live within I-485 turn off Providence.
Found a really used Winchester 94 for 350 at a local store, the looked favor someone ran that thru sticker bushes around 10,000 times and also the lever was loose on it. The activity was additionally not together smooth together it should be, i got curious and also asked what would be your bottom disagreement on it, the male said its already on the tags LOL.

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I simply bought a 336 30-30 i paid 200 for it it is in an excellent con I would to know if anyone can tell the year it was made the ser # 250828 no full is a community of Marlin Firearm owners - committed to stating Marlin Firearms, Marlin Rifles and more. Pictures, help, discussions and more.