Released for the Nintendo DS, Mario & Luigi: Partners over time took the series in a brand-new direction, one that attributes many complicated boss fights.

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Mario and Luigi: partner in Time earned a an extremely mixed reaction from critics and also games, with many calling the video game the worst in the Mario & Luigi series. When the video game has part flaws, the main point gameplay is quiet good and has bosses that have the right to leave girlfriend on the leaf of your seat in regards to difficulty, specifically if you a first-time player.

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This is since of the slight mechanics adjust from the previous game on the Gameboy and likewise Partners in Time"s successor. These are the ten hardest bosses in the game, and also tips on how to effectively counter and also beat them.

10 Swiggler

This ceo is battled in the Vim Factory and he deserve to be tricky for new players if girlfriend don’t know what to do. The problem is that the Shroobs the accompany Swiggler will certainly be holding various colored mushrooms, one of two people white or red. Once they space hit, the will fall into Swiggler’s drink. The red mushroom will heal him if he drinks it, when the gray one will certainly make him vulnerable.

yet multi-hit move will reason both mushrooms to autumn into the drink. Whichever one drops in last will be the effect that will take place, so you’ll need to make certain that you intend to use single-target attacks on his assistants, or else you’ll it is in in there because that a while. Cannonballer is the finest item to use versus the Swiggler’s weakened state.

The Hammer Bros, who were brainwashed by the Shroobs, space a boss that baby Mario and Luigi fight. This boss focuses on timing, as well as paying attention. Once they use their team attack, you have to pay attention to their hammer.

once one reels back, if their hammer is maintained, climate you’ll have to time a jump to counterattack the various other Bro. If the hammer drops off, the Bro will be lobbed over your head, which means you don’t need to jump. The Fire Flower is the most efficient way of defeating them, permitting the babies come hit castle both in ~ the same time.

Petey Piranha has a lot of assaults that require Mario and also Luigi to follow a particular rhythm. One of his moves is an underground attack, sucking the Mario Bros under, comparable to quicksand. You’ll need to keep jumping in order to not gain sucked in.

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Petey additionally has an assault where he spawns a block and also swings a Piranha tree from it, needing the Bros come constantly swing come not acquire hit. The ideal items come use versus this boss room the Trampoline as soon as he is in the air, and also the Fire Flower, once he is stuck in the ground.

one of the most an innovative fights in the game, the Shrooboid Brat offers the audience to attack Mario and also Co. Lock will organize up signs, yet as the hit progresses, it will change up a bit. What you have to pay attention to is the letter and also not color. Sometimes, Fire Flowers and Mushrooms will certainly be sent out to each sign the audience stop up.

mushroom will turn to poison Mushrooms, i beg your pardon you’ll must hit back; vice versa, Poison mushrooms will end up being Mushrooms, i m sorry you have the right to use come heal. This struggle is all around paying fist to the audience. The finest items to use versus the Shrooboid Brat space the ice Flower and also Trampoline.

Mrs. Thwomp will be upset at the Mario Bros for avoiding the eruption in ~ Thwomp Volcano. As a result, she obstacles them come a fight. She will attack with shockwaves that should be jumped over, and when she sustains part damage, she’ll break apart right into a smaller form before running away and also coming earlier with three various other versions of her.

These are fakes produced my Mini-Goombas and will waste your time v an attack. You’ll have to pay fist to how each of castle looks, psychic the real one has a complete collection of square teeth and no chip in its body. The best item to use against her is the ice cream Flower, adhered to by either the Copy Flower or Trampoline.

Sunnycide is in the body of Yoob and also is the final barrier for the Yoshis that Yoshi town and the Mario Bros come escape. It assaults with eggs, making use of a pointer to aim at the brother he is intending to chuck one at. He can also open the floor through a pulley, needing the Bro to jump at the exactly time to not take damage.

The score to carry out maximum damage is to complimentary six Yoshis from your eggs so they can start rolling a rock off a communication to struggle Sunnycide, forcing it onto its back. When stunned, the will rotate off the lights while it attacks, summoning a Boo in front of either Bro that demands to it is in hammered. While the boss is stunned, smash Eggs and Cannonballers space the ideal bet.

This fight the takes place in Star Shine, an area over Star Hill, is thought about one of the more an overwhelming fights in the game. Elder Shrooboid has spikes top top his head, limiting aerial assaults until the is compelled onto his stomach. This likewise has a ship hovering above the Bros, comparable to the one in ~ the beginning of the video game that defeated both Mario and also Luigi.

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Elder Shrooboid will assault with spike balls, and you’ll need to hit them ago at the delivery to disrupt the countdown, raising the time that takes because that it come shoot. No issue where that is if the respond to reaches 0, it’s game Over. Usage Ice flowers while the countdown is high to rate up the process to beat that by lowering his defense.

The younger sister the the Elder, Princess Shroob to be responsible because that kidnapping Princess Peach and also is the second to last major boss fight in the game. Her assaults can inflict poison or light the player as well. The first thing that should be bypassed is her barrier. The Copy Flower or Trampoline is the finest item come wear down the barrier with.

~ that, Princess Shroob will assault with energy blasts or a star the will should be jumped over or hammered, specifically if she shoot an energy blast downward. Inflicting ailments through the ice Flower is a small harder, yet can happen. If not, Red Shells and also Copy Flowers room the best items to use.

friend fight commander Shroob and also his military on the peak of Star Hill, and also he come accompanied v a substantial Shroob-omb. He himself will certainly not hit you in ~ first, leaving his army armed with the bomb come fight. You’ll have to hit the back of the collection of Shroob soldiers to cause them to drop the bomb, having actually it roll to the appropriate to bring out the leader.

If you get rid of the front, the bomb will roll in the direction of you and also deal damage. As soon as Commander Shroob comes out, he’ll usage his soldiers to assault Mario and also Luigi, periodically using his blaster together well. At this phase, huge time damage like Cannonballers and also Trampolines are finest to take him down quickly before he calls his troops earlier with another bomb.

This is the final and also hardest boss of the game, only due to the fact that Elder Princess Shroob has actually two phases. In her first phase, she’ll order ships to lug her a meteor and also slowly approach a Bro. You’ll need to hammer she a number of times prior to she approaches, slamming the meteor down and also doing huge damage. Elder Princess Shroob will certainly also shot and handle a Bro, essential them come hammer her twice in bespeak to protect against her.

In her last phase, Elder Princess Shroob will grow and also summon tentacles, coming to be a lot of harder. She’ll spin she tentacles around, needing the brothers to jump over them and also summon clouds the poison and also ships that crash down on Mario, if they space on fire, or Luigi, if they room shocked. The Mix Flower is the perfect item to ruin her tentacles, adhered to by a Cannonballer on she crown to disable she protective barrier. Utilizing Trampolines and Copy flowers on she after will lead girlfriend to basic win.

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