Ask those men that journey those huge + offset accords and also civics the look watch like open up wheel ricers
j/k (why do they perform that anyway?) Don"t recognize how good of a command this is yet maybe shot a lowrider magazine? They deal in tiny rim size for most of their vehicles. An excellent luck through that


tires in japan room made of other differant ns believe...im sure you can score a collection of tires the your spring for...if i discover some i"ll let friend know...

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ahhhhh...i know what her talking about!...they stretch tires...15" rims ith stretched 14" tires...make them look short profile.good for sdrta.net becuase they dont slide roughly on the rim.

Really?? thats what ns was feather for, thanks. Ns was afraid the tires were JDM just or ridiculously exspensive.
ya,what dimension tires/wheels friend have? if you have actually 15" in wheels go with 14" tires climate stretch them...only thing is lock are hard to stretch.and most people wont perform it(they think its dangerous)...but it does look at pretty mean.they likewise have far better contact v the pavement! helps with body roll/tire roll...things of the nature as soon as your sdrta.net.i have actually stock 15" rims on mine FC v stretch 14" tires right now...i just did it around 4 days ago.it simply took me a few minutes come think the what you were thinking of...
Never heard that anyone putting 14 ich rubber on 15 inch wheels, but you can find those sizes. Just ask your tire dealer. Lock won"t usually have actually them top top the sales floor, but some places can acquire them. If you walk to a in salt shop, as mentioned before, they"ll be able to help.

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ya,what size tires/wheels friend have? if you have actually 15" in wheel go through 14" tires climate stretch them...only point is lock are hard to stretch.and most civilization wont carry out it(they think that dangerous)...but that does look at pretty mean.they additionally have better contact with the pavement! helps v body roll/tire roll...things of the nature as soon as your sdrta.net.i have actually stock 15" rims on mine FC with stretch 14" tires best now...i just did it about 4 work ago.it just took me a couple of minutes to think that what girlfriend were thinking of...
that is exceptionally dangerous, when civilization "stretch" tires they"re no talking around using a smaller sized diameter ~ above a larger rim, they"re talking about using a narrow series tire top top a more comprehensive rim, say choose stretching 205 collection tires ~ above a 7 inch rim, once you placed a 14" tire on a 15" in salt you"re basically destroying the sidewall and also i"m suprised friend didn"t have actually that tire blow up in your challenge when filling it with air... Open minded that"s very very dangerous and also those tires room not a matter of if they"ll blow but when... I"m thinking maybe you lucked out and also actually have actually 14" rims the you believed you were 15". The just purpose of "stretching" tires is to get a larger call patch through widening out the ammount of tire that is actually on the road likewise you mitigate sidewall flex. Ns honestly don"t even think it"s possible to right a 14" tires on a 15" rim, there is no completly destroying the rim, i job-related in a tire shop, i simply don"t watch this also happening without either A) ruining the tire in the process B) destroying the pickled in salt in the procedure or C) if you controlled to obtain it on, the tire wouldn"t sead appropriately over the bead on the rim and also it would blow increase in your challenge or merely not to fill up.