Sisters LisaRaye McCoy and also Da Brat have taken the first step toward reconciliation throughout the “Funkdafied” rapper’s birthday party and fans to be overjoyed come witness the sisterly reunion.

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The “Growing increase Hip-Hop: Atlanta” star celebrated her 47th birthday with a “Coming to America”-themed party and was overwhelmed through emotion when she saw her enlarge sister arrive in she signature all-white attire in a series of poignant Instagram stories videos common by therefore So Def founder Jermaine Dupri.

LisaRaye McCoy (left) and Da Brat (right) Photo:

In the posts, the moment that Da Brat watch McCoy step onto the red carpet is captured and also the tears started flowing immediately. The “What’Chu Like” rapper’s knees buckled at the vision of she estranged sister, who she hadn’t checked out in person because before the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2 then shared a long embrace.

Da Brat’s reaction was the full opposite of she actress sister, that was conquer with a different form of emotion as soon as the “Dish Nation” co-host test to surprised McCoy first for she 53rd birthday in September 2020. The Grammy Award-nominated artist dropped into LisaRaye’s co-hosting gig through the FOX Soul series “Cocktails through Queens,” in what she believed would be a pleasant visit, however, the appearance didn’t walk over well through the actress indigenous the movie “The football player Club.”

“I just want to recognize that girlfriend happy,” LisaRaye said throughout that appearance, introduce to she sister walking public through her partnership with girl friend Jesseca Dupart. And I did not want to just hear that from the blogs and also from the interviews of people asking me questions, and also I didn’t understand what to say since I no hear the from you. I acquired to watch it someplace else. So ns hurt. It is what ns am.”

She continued, “I simply wish that ns was consisted of in that. Ns wish that i knew what the was. Ns wish the I might have a speak in that myself. Ns wish that ns knew what was going on, however I don’t. So then ns sit, and also I wait. But, I will say this — ns am happy for you, i am glad that you are living in her truth, that ideal there us been talking about for years… ns damn certain haven’t heard from girlfriend in months.”

Fans to be thrilled come witness the two talented women share one affectionate reunion, and chalked your past issues up to sisters being sisters.

“Sisters disagree and also check each other and then relocate on.

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The love is never ever lost.”

“This why we remain out the sister business. Ns knew they will do get earlier right eventually!