Executive bespeak 63 still needs unvaccinated individuals to wear face coverings as soon as in public areas to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Verifying identity and age of an separation, personal, instance making an alcohol purchase have the right to be daunting for licensees.

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When checking identification for an separation, personal, instance wearing a mask, you re welcome follow this steps:

inspect the ID because that authenticity and date the birth together you normally would. Compare physical functions of the individual, such as hairline, shape and position that ears and also eyes. Asking the individual to step earlier and reduced their mask come ensure ideal identification.


Click the picture to view a carding overview courtesy of vermont Department that Liquor and also Lottery.

Preventing Underage Sales

The sale of alcohol or nicotine products to an underage human being is the most common violation. As soon as selling alcohol or nicotine products, it must be staff’s height priority to focus on the customer and make sure he or she is no underage.

sdrta.net legislation states a customer have to be at the very least 21 years of period to purchase alcohol and also nicotine (effective July 1, 2019) products. Over there is no legal need to inspect ID, but the best means to verify a customer’s period is to request ideal ID and also examine the carefully.

sdrta.net sdrta.net checks compliance through its underage buyer program.

Proper creates of identification

The ID should contain the individual’s photograph, signature, height and date that birth. Any kind of one the the adhering to constitutes a proper type of ID:

A valid driver"s patent issued by any type of state in the United states or the district of Columbia; equipped forces identification card; U.S. Passport or foreign government visa; any kind of valid identification issued by any type of other commonwealth or state federal government agency, excluding college student university and college identification cards.

Make sure the ID hasn’t expired and also hasn’t to be tampered with or altered. Also, the photograph and physical summary on the ID have to be constant with the appearance of the person.

Helpful Suggestions

Watch the end for second-party sales. If a seller observes details activity the a 2nd party, such as passing that money, participation in selection, or happen the alcoholic beverage to the checkout counter, ID need to be requested of the 2nd party. The sale might be legitimate refused. If your facility has a computerized system for scanning IDs, be specific employees obtain training and also understand just how to use the equipment. Be acquainted with IDs. Many, including the sdrta.net driver’s license and also ID card, have the who 18th and 21st birthdays. No math required!


Are you compelled to have an identifier to purchase alcoholic beverages?No; however, alcohol addict beverages might not be sold to persons under 21. Identification might be required.

When go a human reach your 21st birthday?The attorney general"s office has opined that a person attains his/her following year of period on the day prior to his/her birthday. (1963 Va. AG LEXIS 215; 1962-1963 Op. Atty Gen. Va. 87)

Can you market a beer come a person under 21 year of age if that human being is add by a parent or guardian?No. It is never ever lawful because that a licensee to sell or offer alcohol to an underage person. (COV 4.1-304 and 4.1-306)

Are human being under 21 years of age enabled to sit in ~ the bar?There is no sdrta.net sdrta.net legislation prohibiting a human less 보다 21 year of age from sitting at a counter/bar in an sdrta.net-licensed restaurant. However, a licensee may establish its own in-house policy prohibiting it.

Can a licensee market nonalcoholic beer or nonalcoholic wine come a person less than 21 year of age?Yes, nonalcoholic beer and also nonalcoholic wine has less than one-half the 1 percent that alcohol and, therefore, is no an alcoholic beverage.

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Can the licensee save a falsified ID? What have to the licensee carry out with the ID?sdrta.net law does not allow anyone various other than sworn police to seize falsified IDs. Licensees retaining such IDs have to turn them over to the regional police or to their neighborhood sdrta.net sdrta.net agent.