The actors of Practical Magic didn’t have actually to try too tough to fake the party atmosphere in the romantic comedy’s memorable “midnight margaritas” scene.


Sandra Bullock and also Nicole Kidman in Practical Magic | Warner Bros.

The 1998 movie is based on Alice Hoffman’s novel of the exact same name. One scene shows sisters, Gillian (Nicole Kidman) and Sally Owens (Sandra Bullock), wake up for a late-night drink and some dancing through their Aunt Frances (Stockard Channing) and also Aunt Jet (Dianne West). Mixing up margaritas the actors didn’t have mocktails however instead included actual tequila to your drinks.

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The scene came to be a party ~ above the ‘Practical Magic’ set

In an interview through Yahoo Entertainment, Griffin Dunne, the manager of Practical Magic, talks about filming the “midnight margaritas” scene.

A memorable moment in the romantic comedy that initially flopped in theaters, it’s become a favorite amongst fans. Dunne states the actors had as much fun filming the scene as their personalities did. He, in addition to the cast and others on set, drank tequila and also danced come Harry Nilsson’s “Coconut.”

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“You know, one of the many fun days we had was the critical shot that the job in Friday Harbor, and then us were all going to walk to the soundstage in Los Angeles afterwardswhere us shot the girls every drinking tequila and they become nuts in the kitchen,” the said.

“Well, guess what we drank? us all drank tequila and shot that scene — say thanks to God the DP no have any type of — however we shot it and they all went nuts, and also we every danced around,” that said. “I think ‘Lime in the Coconut’ to be going.”

“And then we wrapped the scene yet kept drinking and dancing come ‘Lime in the Coconut,"” Dunne added.

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Nicole Kidman might or might not have actually supplied the tequila

Per IMDb, Bullock said in the Practical Magic DVD commentary the it was she co-star, Kidman, who noted the tequila because that them come drink if filming the scene.

Nicole Kidman in Practical Magic | Warner Bros. Via Getty Images

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Channing, that spoke through Vulture around the movie and also this scene, in particular, stated she can not recall where exactly the tequila come from. What she go remember is that no one had a difficulty with drink the real stuff.

“I don’t think any kind of of us had any kind of objections, I’ll placed it the way,” Channing said.

She continued, saying party scenes have the right to be particularly daunting as one actor and that the tequila certainly helped.

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“I don’t know how drunk us were, however we decided to spiff the up v a drink,” she said. “I think among the hardest points to carry out is a fun, raucous party scene. By take 28, it is very hard to keep that up. I think that worked.”

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