This tune represents one of the proudest moments in our company"s history. Us are very fond that it and also we sincerely hope that every one of our subscribers and customers acquire the P/A cassette or CD so they can hear the wonderful recording we placed together. Besides just creating a nice item of music, we once again supplied one that our exceptionally talented young singers, Katy Gentry, together a featured soloist. (For those of you who obtained last year"s November/December issue, Katy to be the soloist top top "Harmony" and we did a sidebar ~ above her. She to be 14 once she sang this year.) our intentions in utilizing someone that Katy"s abilities together a soloist are multiple: 1) we space hoping to provide a solid example to other potential soloists, 2) we"re absolutely optimistic that countless schools the end there have actually budding young singers of their very own to showcase, and also 3) us really reap listening come her. We"re betting your students will feel the same way.

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Lest you be intimidated through the solo work, we would like to remind you that it is, as always, totally optional. The lines are written so the they have the right to be carry out in unison with no trouble. Girlfriend could likewise choose to to mark multiple soloists, breaking the solo currently up right into sections throughout. Or, you could choose a duet, trio, etc., to execute simultaneously. Everything works.

This song developed as response to the yearly question - what can we do for the holiday season? as you are more than likely quite aware, we have actually schools across the nation with assorted emphases. Some celebrate Christmas, some carry out not. Others focus on Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, etc. The dawned on us that the one thing many of these celebrations have in usual is the usage of candles. Therefore then we thought, wouldn"t it it is in nice if we could include one celebration come our corresponding celebrations that includes every one of us together? How can such a thing manifest itself? By light candles, the course! can you imagine the global glow that would certainly be developed if everyone were to irradiate a candle all roughly the human being on the very same day in ~ the very same time? pretty neat thought, isn"t it?

We have detailed a rather prolonged introduction to the tune for one optional candle bright ceremony. It"s really gentle, v wistful melodies and also progressions. It gradually builds right into the complete rhythm introduction, an initial with the enhancement of African and Latin percussion, and drum set, just prior to measure 13. If girlfriend listen, you deserve to hear the sound of one udu and congas in the undercurrent. The addition of the soprano sax in ~ 13 additionally contributes come the worldly, ethereal feeling. By measure up 21, the dynamic has built to a forte, the rhythm ar is totally in and playing a light absent background, and your singers and also candle lighters must be ready to sing.

The soloist"s line is consistently located as part 1. At measure up 45, the line is out till the second time at 45 when it becomes the "echo" to the unison line (part 2). Listening come the record will aid identify just how the vocal components fit together. The unison parts are very singable throughout.

In all cases of the solo, the heat is flexible and should be sung freely. The is recommended the your soloist be given the chance to ad lib after ~ the crucial change, specifically from measure up 91 come the end. Again, Katy is an excellent example of how to "let go" as soon as improvising over the final measures. For the ideal effect, save the real exciting stuff because that the an extremely end. Building is the key.

At measure up 75, claps are shown on beat 3. Have all her performers join in and encourage the audience together well. These claps deserve to be performed up in the air over their heads v gentle side to next rocking, typical of rock anthems. Avoid the claps as soon as the indigenous "shine" is hosted out in ~ the end. Have actually your students join their hands and hold them increase over their heads for a an effective ending.

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Editor"s note: we are conscious that candles and fire are dangerous, particularly in a college setting. The is why us recommend good caution if you decide to use candles. Probably you might only usage one or a couple of in the prior of the performance area, well away native anything flammable. Speak to her principal and maybe even get the fire room to display up, simply in case. At the very least, fire extinguishers close at your disposal are a good idea. (Last Christmas, numerous of united state visited a surrounding church the used little candles in its ceremony. Every member of the congregation was given one and also we all organized them during one song. They were lit at the end of the rows and also the flame was passed along. Each candle had a small paper collar for this reason the wax wouldn"t drip top top hands. Fortunately, there to be no problems and the result was astounding.)

If you would fairly not usage lit candles, you could simulate candles. Make part out of cardboard or paper, including the flame. (Get that art teacher and her course involved!) Or, you might have part or all of your students hold flashlights. Inspect with her band director because that battery it is provided candles. The usage of candle at every is totally up to you, and you may prefer to just have actually pictures of lock on the wall behind her performance area.