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Happiness to the people, the Lord has actually comeLet earth obtain her KingLet eexceptionally heart prepare Him roomAnd heaven and also nature sing, and also heaven and also nature singAnd heaven, and heaven and nature singJoy to the world, the Savior reignsLet men their songs employWhile fields and also floods, rocks, hills, and plainsRepeat the sounding joy, repeat the sounding joyRepeat, repeat the sounding joyNo more let sins and sorrows growNor thorns infest the groundHe comes to make His blessings flowFar as the curse is discovered, much as the curse is foundFar as, much as the curse is foundHe rules the world via reality and graceAnd provides the nations proveThe glories of His righteousnessAnd wonders of His love, and also wonders of His loveAnd wonders, wonders of His love

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