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Also recognized As: Star Wars: The complete Saga (LEGO)Genre: Action, Adventure Developer: Lucas arts Publisher: Lucas arts ESRB Rating: Everyone relax Date: November 5, 2007

If you can, go into the level that has a green challenge on it and beat this level. As soon as you win this level go, beat every the various other levels. Beat all the levels again once an ext and you will have actually everything.

**** To execute this you need to have self-destruct unlocked. ****First come to be a character with a blaster then have C-3PO together your friend. Next go earlier to the character with the blaster and shoot C-3PO untill he becomes 1 legged C-3PO then become him and also self-destruct. Girlfriend will become invisible untill you dice or swich characters.

First, you have to complete the level "Defense of Kashyyyk". Climate you have actually to uncover the x10 stud multiplier red brick top top the mission "Cloud City Trap". If you have the money, buy that (it is worth 5 million studs, however it"s worth it). Climate go back to "Defense of Kashyyyk", do freeplay, choose any type of character, climate start. Once you obtain through the treetops and bridges and get under to land, once you see the little plants that have the right to have the force used ~ above them, perform not use a Jedi, usage a Sith. The plants have to blow up and also give you more studs 보다 they would carry out with a Jedi. When you complete the mission, friend should have actually 1 million studs!Please Note: friend to collect every stud on the mission, which has forcing and destroying objects.

Mission guide: Movie 1:1. Negotiations2. Escape native Naboo3. Mos Espa Podrace4. Retake Theed Palace5. Darth MaulMovie 2:Discovery ~ above Kamino2. Droid Factory3. Jedi Battle4. Gunship Cavalry5. Counting DookuMovie 3:1. Battle over Coruscant2. General Grievous3. Defense the Kashyyyk4. Destroy of the Jedi5. Darth VaderMovie 4:1. Mystery Plans2. The Jundland Wastes3. Mos Eisly Spaceport4. Fatality Star Escape5. Rebel AttackMovie 5:1. Hoth Battle2. Escape native Echo Base3. Falcon Flight4. Dagobah5. Cloud City TrapMovie 6:1. Jabba"s Palace2. Speeder Showdown3. The battle of Endor4. Jedi Destiny5. Into the death StarThe End.

WARNING: should be a Jedi. Go to illustration II level discovery on Kamino. Acquire to the part where Jango Fett is being shielded and also 2 lasers are shooting you. After disabling the shield by destroing the lasers, Fett will have the blue "Force" field. Push and also hold the pressure button and run right into where the led off. As soon as you run into the room, you will "fall" (which is not seen) and also die.

First make her friend 3-CPO. Then do the other human being a blaster guy. Shooting 3-CPO intil he has actually 1 leg. Then become him you should have 4 hearts and should just one leg and no arm. (Will only work 3-CPO not TC-14).

First gain Self-Destruct. Climate during free play as soon as your health and wellness is low, Turn right into 3-CPO, R2-D2, R4-D4, TC-14. Then push Y. Friend explode and you won"t lose any type of studs (money) and your health should go ago to 4 Hearts. The will also kill any type of enemies near you.

All you need to do is acquire the "self-destruct" extra climate while play as R2D2 push andhold "B" and also then press "Y" come self-destruct. The thruster sound will store going until you push "B" again.

If you destroy all the chairs and cups in an illustration room, leave the room, climate go back in, you will be able to do it all over again and get more studs.

To perform this, you should be a Jedi. Pull yourLightsaber out and press Y. Before it walk in,press any kind of direction ~ above the +Control Pad and itwill cancel out the Lightsaber being placed away,but not the sound. This method can be offered toannoy human being you don"t want watching you and makethem mind their own business.

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When the start food selection appears, execute the following: up, left, down, right, up, left, down, right, up, left, down, right, best bumper, left bumper, start, select.