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NOTE: The complying with codes job-related only when supplied with a softmodded Wii running the Gecko OS (or compatible homebrew application). These codes WILL not WORK there is no a compatible application.

video game ID: RL4P64Have every Characters and Vehicles044FEE34 3800FFFF044FEE38 7C04F9AEGain 10,000 per Stud045DC674 3BC02710Gain sale Price042819EC 7C051A14Quick get Special Items045B91A4 B01D08FE045B91A8 48000004Survive Attacks077FF200 000000102C0F0002 41820008981E1F79 4AD9AED80459A0E0 49265120 Courtesy of GeckoCodes.org

Score x2U38VJP
Score x3PEHHPZ
Score x4UXGTB3
Score x6XWJ5EY
Score x8S5UZCP
Score x10V7JYBU
Beep BeepUU3VSC
Ice RinkTY9P4U
Fast BuildSNXC2F
God Mode6JBB65
Fast Fix3Z7PJX
Fast DigXYAN83
Stud MagnetEGSM5B
Coin Magnet EGSM5B
Snake Whip 2U7YCV
Indiana Jones 1 PGWSEA
Indiana Jones (disguised) 2W8QR3
Indiana Jones (desert)M4C34K
Indiana Jones 2 FGLKYS
Indiana Jones (Kali) J2XS97
Indiana Jones (DJ) QUNZUT
Indiana Jones (collect) DZFY9S
Indiana Jones (CS) 8BDJG5
Indiana Jones (officer) 3FQFKS
Willie (singer) 94RUAJ
Professor Henry Jones 4C5AKH
Mannequin (adult male)QPWDMM
Mannequin (adult female)U7SMVK
Mannequin (child male) 2UJQWC
Mannequin (child female) 3PG5EL
Lao Che 7AWX3J
Mola ram 82RMC2
Rene Belloq FTL48S
Stunt airplane RM3E84
Rolls-Royce Phantom BC5PTY
Hot stick YLG2TN
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