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The Legend the Zelda: A link to the past Cheats For video game Boy Advance

Riddle Quest acquire ten medals in the 4 Swords multiplayer mode, and you have the right to start a riddle search with the Lumberjack in attach to the Past. Finish the Riddle quest to attain the Hurricane Blade unique move.

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Contributed by: HMManiac12

The chickens Attack!

The Chickens found in Kakariko village and other locations have a vendetta against you; the is, the course, if you strike them. Struggle a chicken sufficient with your various weapons, even if it is it be sword, arrow, bomb, whatever, and the chickens will certainly come from all directions to peck you!

Contributed by: mh204

Unlock the level "Palace of the 4 Swords" in solitary Player mode.

In order come unlock this level, you should beat both A link to the Past and The four Swords. Then gain 20 Rupees, and go right into the feet in the Pyramid the Power. Offer the creature 20 Rupees, and also he will dissapear, allowing you come pass. Beat this level to gain a neat secret ending.

Contributed by: A connect to the previous

stop Nothing

On any component of the Light civilization Death mountain that is on peak of the hill (level with the Tower that Hera, or hill Tower) freeze among the tekktites (those blue or red spidery jumping things) through the ice cream rod (the Ether Medallion will just kill it) and pick it up making use of the strength glove. No jump off the leaf of the hill that leads to the soil level. The tekktie will suddenly disappear and when you land top top the floor you will certainly be holding slim air and also you will certainly walk in ~ normal speed with nothing weighing girlfriend down. The only difficulty is, girlfriend can"t use any items, consisting of your sword, shield or pegasus boots, and also you cant litter away the air the you"re holding. The only method you deserve to stop this is by start a cave or by acquiring hurt. Friend can also pick increase a green stone and do the very same thing, yet I can"t insurance it will work. Periodically you may need to repeat the trick number of times in order for the item you"re holding come disappear. Girlfriend can also do this in the Dark human being Death hill where you enter the portal close to Spectacle Rock. Pick up a flower, and also jump turn off the cliff. In the Dark world it doesn"t occupational that much, yet if you try again it will work.

Contributed by: gamecrash64

wade on Water

Call up the Flute Duck and also fly to suggest 7 top top the map, which is the light world watergate. Walk up one display screen to the location where the water portal is. Now go up to the height right corner of the display in the shallow water. Call the flute duck again yet this time before it comes aim a appropriately timed pegasus fee at her left side. If friend time the right, the duck will certainly pick friend up when your sword is sticking the end while you"re dashing. Once you get in the map screen, press B come cancel and also the duck will put you ago down ~ above the ground. Right here you will begin walking funny and when girlfriend touch a heavy surface, you will certainly bounce turn off of it. Now go as much as the right-most eco-friendly totem statue so you"re facing up. Walk right into it and also bounce off into the deep water. (if you just go directly into the water the trick won"t work) Swim towards the water portal and also get transported to the place east of the graveyard. If excellent correctly, you must be standing on the water rather of swimming. Below you have the right to walk around any type of screen you like and also still be walking, yet do not jump onto among those environment-friendly platforms or the cheat will prevent immediately. And also, the is okay to use the Pegasus Boots, yet if friend crash right into something, friend will start swimming again. And also if you call up the Flute Duck and press B come cancel the map selection, you"ll it is in swimming.

Contributed by: gamecrash64

dance Hare

In the light World, go southern of Link"s home into the swamp. Over there you will uncover a blue rabbit jumping up and down in the grass. Once it jumps up, cut up the grass below it, then when it come down, go over come it and touch it. It will offer a random item, such as 1 to 300 rupees, or a fairy. This can only it is in done before you with the Dark human being for the an initial time.

Contributed by: BluePenMan

exactly how To to buy A gold Bee

Go to the cave with the ice cream Rod, and go right into the non-secret entrance, no the one bring about the ice cream Rod. Dash into the statue in ~ the end of the passage, and also a gold Bee will certainly pop out. Catch it, and also take it to the male who refuses to offer you the golden Bees. He will certainly say the they space not together rare together he believed they were and also will begin selling gold Bees.

Contributed by: yugiboydragoon

different Statues in Links home

After you obtain all the statues from perfect the riddles go into your house and also select the magic powder. Sprinkle that on the statues and also they will sparkle. Sprinkle magic flour on lock again to gain them in color. Sprinkle lock one final time to acquire Bunny Link, skinless chicken, and Zelda together an old lady.

Contributed by: LinksDarkArrows

change color of Agahnim"s skin/clothes

During the Light people fight through Agahnim, he turns right into a shadow, and also moves approximately like that. If you carry up the map precisely when that is turning from shadow to genuine form, his colors will be really distorted, or he will certainly look transparent, as with the 2 fake ones during the second fight. If you keep doing it, his colors will store changing.

Contributed by: BluePenMan

snapshot of Mario

Go come the endowment chest shop in the dark world in the village of Outcasts. In the really back the the house, a snapshot of mario is hanging ~ above the wall.

Contributed by: zeldafreak1234

Exploding head

In the light world, walk to wherein you recieved the flute. Go down one screen. Come the best where there room two trees. Stand beside the height tree and also use the Ether medalion. Walk away from the tree and also ram into it with Pegasus Boots and a head prefer Blind in her human-ish kind will autumn down and explode as if it to be a bomb.

Contributed by: negima_fan

simple Money

After you"ve gotten the strength gloves go to the desert area in the game. Once there uncover the male thats sitting alongside his sign. Go a tiny bit south and also to the left whereby you should find two large rocks. Lift up the rock below the optimal one and a mystery area will be opened. When inside you"ll notice a thief and also 10 various pots that each organize a blue rupee, break open each pot and take every the money. You"ll be able to do this as much as you please due to the fact that the blue rupees come ago every time you leave and reenter the area. It must only take it a few minutes to get the maximum lot of rupees.

Contributed by: GregCaldwell

cost-free potion

Once you"ve gained the super bomb and currently blew increase the wall surface blocking the dark worlds fairy walk inside and make certain you have actually at the very least one empty bottle through you. Go as much as the mysterious pond and also it will ask friend to litter something in. Scroll v your items till you come throughout an empty bottle, then litter it in the water. The Fairy will come out and ask friend if girlfriend droped it. Prize yes and the fairy will certainly say she likes together an ethical person and will fill your bottle with environment-friendly potion. You have the right to do this as numerous times as you want.

Contributed by: GregCaldwell

get the red shield prior to entering the dark world or paying 500 rupees

After you acquire the Zora flippers, discover the large waterfall in the light world. It must be close to the area wherein you got the flippers. As soon as you view the waterfall to walk right right into it and also you"ll be able to go inside of it. When your within you"ll see a pond and also it will certainly ask you to throw something in. Pick to throw your small shield in and a fairy will certainly ask if that is yours. Prize "YES" and also she"ll give you a red shield.

Contributed by: GregCaldwell

save the Fish!

When you are in the light world, go to the dungeon wherein you gain the ice cream Rod. To the left, girlfriend will watch a small fish flopping around. If you capture it v the appropriate button, you have the right to go up one screen and throw it right into the water. That will thank you v 20 ruppees.

Contributed by: Sting90

Walk through walls

In most locations of the game this glitch is possible. It enables Link to walk with walls, however in some locations the game, will certainly glitch, and also Link will certainly be "frozen", or, can not to move in any direction at all. Every you require are the Pegasus Boots and also the Magic Mirror. One example is in the eastern Palace. When you enter, choose up the pot and also throw it. Then step on the switch. The door in former of attach should open. Go v the door, action on the switch, and also dash threw the opponents through the next door. Then attempt to jump off the ledge come the left. Yet as Link"s jumping off, before he"s in mid-air and as quickly as he renders the "hup" sound as soon as leaping off, usage the Magic mirror to make attach appear back at the dungeon"s entrance. Then repeat the first two steps untill you"re back in the room through the ledge. If you"ve excellent the glitch properly so far, as soon as you dash right into the statue top top the right, attach should turn invisible as soon as he lands ago on the ground. This make take a couple of tries. NOTE: When attach attempts come walk the end of the walls, he will jump earlier on to common ground again and also the glitch will have to be redone.

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Contributed by: ptracey

swim on floor

It is indeed feasible to swim everywhere in Hyrule. Speak to the flute bird and go to warp suggest 4 (your house). Go under one screen and also kill all the monsters. Confront the swimming pool of water to your left, and call the flute again. Immidiately pegasus boot right into the water. After you immediately stop in ~ the water"s edge, the flute bird will pick friend up. Release the flight and when the sets you down you will still be on floor --- but swimming! friend can openly visit almost everywhere in Hyrule, but if you obtain injured or jump off a ledge you lose this ability. You also cannot access any items. Have fun!

Contributed by: Floating_Stone


Unlockables using four Swords.

Unlockable Unlockable In four Swords, collect all of the Hero Keys and beat Vaati in the hero"s door complete the Riddle search collection 10 Triforce medals in 4 Swords
Golden knife Icon
Hurricane Blade
Riddle Quest

Contributed by: Litz5522

unlockables Unlockable Unlockable play LttP and get the understand Sword, then save game
Sword Beam (Four Swords)

Contributed by: Nhatters1314

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