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"Blanket ~ above the Ground" is a song taped by country music singer billy Jo Spears. Released in 1975, the song reached #1 top top Billboard Magazine"s Hot country Singles chart, and #78 top top the hot 100 pop charts. In the joined Kingdom, the song reached #6 on the pop charts. In Ireland the song ended up being a top 5 hit in a cover by Philomena Begley, who became a close girlfriend of Spears and also occasionally performed with her as well as recording a tribute album. The track was created by i get it Bowling and sung from the allude of check out of a middle-aged woman who coaxes her doubtful husband out to do love in the moonlight. An ext »

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Come and also look out v the windowThat huge old moon is shinin" downTell me now don"t it repeat youOf a blanket on the groundRemember back when love an initial found usWe"d go slippin" the end of townAnd we"d love in ~ the moonlightOn a blanket on the groundI"ll obtain the ceiling from the bedroomAnd we"ll walk walkin" once againTo the spot down by the riverWhere ours sweet love very first beganJust due to the fact that we room marriedDon"t average we can"t slip aroundSo let"s go out v the moonlightAnd place the blanket on the groundOh, remember just how excitedWe used to acquire when love to be youngThat old moon to be our best buddyWe couldn"t wait for night come comeNow you understand you still wake up meI know you love me like I amJust once more I great you"d love meOn the blanket on the groundI"ll gain the ceiling from the bedroomAnd we"ll go walkin" when againTo that spot under by the riverWhere our sweet love very first beganJust due to the fact that we are marriedDon"t typical we can"t slip aroundSo let"s walk out with the moonlightAnd lay the ceiling on the groundMmm mmm mmmMmm mmm mmmMmm mmm mmm mmmMmm mmm mmm mmmDo execute do do do do

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billie Jo Spears billie Jo Spears (born billy Jean Spears, January 14, 1937 – December 14, 2011) to be an American nation music singer. She got to the top-10 the the nation music charts 5 times between 1969 and also 1977, her biggest hit gift "Blanket on the Ground", which, in 1975, became her only number one.

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She additionally had a large following in the joined Kingdom through two of her singles getting to the pop height five. More »