Earth, Wind & Fire at the elevation of the band’s strength in the late 1970s. Larry Dunn is shown second from right.

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Brought come you by sdrta.net and hosted through Scott Goldfine — musicologist and author that “Everything Is on THE ONE: The first Guide the Funk” ― “TRUTH IN RHYTHM” is the interview display that gets DEEP into the pocket with modern-day music’s foremost master of the groove.

Featured in this four-part series: Keyboardist extraordinaire Larry Dunn helped transform Earth, Wind and Fire right into one the the all-time most successful R&B bands, with sales of more than 100 million albums worldwide, and also in all 32 gold and also platinum/multiplatinum singles and albums. EWF also collected six Grammys the end of 13 nominations, 4 American Music Awards, a star ~ above Hollywood’s to walk of Fame, induction right into the Rock and also Roll hall of Fame and Songwriters room of Fame, and also the Grammys’ Lifetime achievement Award, among other sector honors.

In addition to play organ, synthesizer, piano and clavinet, Dunn offered as the band’s musical director. As among the key people behind the scene, much of the group’s musical success can be attributed to him. He additionally rehearsed EWF for live stage performances and wrote many of the music segues and also medleys. He had major creative influence in such standards as “Shining Star,” “Spirit,” “Be ever before Wonderful,” “Runnin’,” “See The Light,” “Let Me Talk,” “And Love walk On,” “Jupiter,” and also other melodies that continue to live top top in the understanding of fans and popular music lovers.

Dunn’s various other production and performance credits incorporate the Emotions, Level 42, Ronnie Laws, George Duke, Lenny White, Paulinho Da Costa, Foley, Ramsey Lewis, Caldera, hobtration Laws, Stanley Turrentine, Dianne Reeves, Brian Culbertson, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Stanley Clarke and Deniece Williams. Since 1988, Dunn and also his mam Luisa have actually been involved with production projects, creating music because that Japanese tv commercials, film and studio work.

He exit his very first solo album in 1996 dubbed Lover’s Silhouette and in 2008 exit N2 the Journey, which contains involvement of many of the high file artists just mentioned. Dunn additionally continues to perform and also maintain a busy schedule.

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In this comprehensive collection recorded indigenous his house L.A. Studio, the covers every element of his career. After that he demonstrates some famed melodies on his keyboard and has wife and also musical companion Luisa sign up with in. This is a can’t-miss journey with a modern funk-R&B-pop giant.