Keith Richards Returning because that 'Pirates the the Caribbean 4' The roll Stone"s Keith Richards will certainly return together Jack Sparrow"s father, Captain Teague, in the 4th installment the the "Pirates that the Caribbean" series, "On Stranger Tides".

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Keith Richards returning because that Pirates the the Caribbean 4 ~ above Stranger Tides
By currently we"re all quite acquainted with Johnny Depp"s motivation for his Oscar-nominated rotate as Jack Sparrow in the very first Pirates that the Caribbean film - rolling Stone"s legend guitarist, Keith Richards.

Richards donned pirate attire and a funny cap to boot for his cameo appearance together Sparrow"s father, Captain Teague, in the third Pirates movie and will reprise the role for the upcoming Pirates the the Caribbean: ~ above Stranger Tides.

On Stranger Tides picks up after ~ the occasions of Pirates that the Caribbean: at World"s End and also finds Sparrow top top a quest to find the fountain of Youth. Geoffrey Rush will certainly reprise his function as Captain Barbossa, when franchise newcomer Penelope Cruz and also Ian McShane will play, respectively, a woman from Sparrow"s past and the knavish pirate Blackbeard.

Captain Teague was introduced as the goalkeeper of the pirate code in Pirates the the Caribbean 3 and also only appeared onscreen for (maybe) three minutes or so. There"s no word yet regarding whether or not Richards will have actually a larger role in Pirates the the Caribbean 4 or if moviegoers will certainly actually have the ability to understand what he"s saying this time roughly (we boy - type of).

Keith Richards Captain Teague in Pirates of the Caribbean movie
At World"s End suffered from being overblown in practically every way imaginable and also On Stranger Tides should have actually a shorter running time and also feature under extraneous characters and also plot threads. The is a Pirates that the Caribbean movie, so there"ll still it is in plenty of intuitive FX, explosive collection pieces, sophisticated costumes, and Depp drunkenly cracking one-liners.

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So what villainous supernatural creatures will show up in Pirates the the Caribbean 4? We"ve currently had undead pirates, fish people, and also a sea captain through a beard make of octopus tentacles - is over there anything the fourth movie can throw in ~ moviegoers that will seem that lot weirder in comparison?

Pirates that the Caribbean: top top Stranger Tides arrives in 2D, 3D, and also IMAX 3D theaters in the U.S. On may 20th, 2011.