MTV"Jersey Shore" covering up critical night v a four-way fight the left Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi the end in the cold, yet Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino involved her rescue.

Ah, “Jersey Shore,” where “I’m no going to try to smash the out v Rocio prior to I leave” qualifies as a cool romantic gesture, vomiting is a leitmotif, and also an innocent relocate of the head can turn friend against friend, ho versus bro, and also threaten come rend the really fabric of fact … television.

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Actually, not that lot happened top top the “Jersey Shore” finale.

At least, very tiny that hasn't occurred three times prior to this season alone. ~ an afternoon playing gator bait in the Everglades and chowing down on part fried critters, Ronnie Magro dried heaves (although it's Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino that involuntarily surrenders his having lunch of frog legs on the side of the Tamiami Trail). In a rather desultory fashion, Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola picks a fight v Ronnie, however they later make up. Vinny Guadagnino virtually gets stood up by Ramona again.

The drama come in the second fifty percent of the show courtesy of the situation ("Mike's definitely a pot-stirrer," Ronnie says. "He likes to cause a lot of problems and then walk take a nap after the does it." Ha!), with an aid from Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi. An initial Snooki is miffed the Sammi won't aid her chef dinner, so normally The situation relays this tidbit, playing it up, to Sammi. Sammi sidles approximately Snooki in the kitchen and tells she in the most sarcastic way possible the she's there to help. "You gonna act like that," Sammy claims in voiceover, "I'm gonna assist you but I'm walking to be a bitch ~ above purpose." as if the rest of the time, she's a bitch by accident?

Then The situation ups the ante once he phone call out vinny for gift a follower. Tired of hearing him slag ~ above Vinny, Jenni "JWoww" Farley speak Sitch that someone's to be saying that he's the fakest among the house. When JWoww pipeline the room, The situation says she's the fakest of lock all. And he was totally not talking around her boobs. No one says anything, but the cameras record Vinny and Pauly D relocating their heads. Not nodding, every se, yet moving, together if they were, oh, ns don't know, living, breathing humans.

But that's not what Snooki sees. She traction Jenni aside and also tells her that there was a consensus that JWoww to be the fakest one, and that Vinny and Pauly nodded your heads, for this reason she shouldn't to trust them. The prompts JWoww to pull The case aside and also tell them that Pauly D claimed he was fake. The prompts The case to face Pauly D. That prompts Pauly D to begin screaming, wanting to understand why JWoww would make something choose that up. JWoww, in turn, desires to know why he called her fake. The denies it. And The Situation's job-related is done! that comes the end that Snooki told JWoww the Pauly D supposedly trashed JWoww, and Snooki it s okay mad in ~ JWoww because that making everyone think she's the troublemaker. She pouts external alone, but The instance brings her ago inside and also tells her the no one no her. He slings she over the shoulder, exposing Snooki's "cooca." (Now there's a spinoff because that the Nature Channel: "Stalking the Wild Cooca.")

Earlier, vinny takes Ramona the end to dinner, and also he's clearly more infatuated with her than she with him. They to speak adieu top top the sidewalk in a friendly however not too many romantic fashion. Pauly D escorts Rocio to dinner and back to the house, and also their parting is much much more tender: "I'm not going come smash it out through Rocio before I leave. Um, it's no that kind of chick. I don't need to, I desire to gain to recognize her first." Aw ... Other than "It's not that sort of chick"? Sammi and Ronnie are also having a day night, however it goes off the rails quite abruptly. One minute she's informing Ronnie the he requirements to talk about what's bothering him, and also then she blurts out: "I prefer to be through my friend at all times. Do you get that?" Ronnie looks confused, as if Sammi had just confessed to a hankering because that Coldplay and oaky Merlots. Ronnie tells she she needs to begin acting she age. The day is ovah. At the society later, Sammi asks Ronnie, "Why room you through me?" "I'm in love with you," he responds. "Why? i can't aid the way I feel." for this reason he essentially says, i love you in spite of my far better judgment. That didn't work-related out so well for Mr. Darcy, yet it's music come Sammi's ears. She apologizes and also they reconcile.

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Grossest moment of the night: 2 not terribly attractive girls come on come Vinny and suggest a threesome. "Okay, they're no the prettiest girl in the world," he states in voiceover, weighing his options. "Sometimes you could two grenades and it could make one good-looking girl." reasoning of Ramona and, perhaps. The possibility of part Valtrex in his future, he turns them down, however The case is, of course, appropriate there to scoop up the sloppy seconds. In a toilet stall.