Same here, go RP earlier in 2015 and also put in Red line MTL last weekend. What came out to be black, so after 2.5 years that RP was every done.I also did the transport case, exact same time period, and also that RP liquid was tho good, didn"t require to readjust it.Time will certainly tell if Red line MTL performs better, however shifting is much far better now, however very similar to 2015 when I placed RP in there.

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I"ve been making use of Redline MTL because well prior to my advent to TJ"s, began off in mine Triumph TR6 about 15 years ago and have been making use of it since. After choose up my existing Wrangler v the AX5 i did a clutch replacement and also fluid readjust and the innovation to the trans was remarkable.

I"m no pan of royal Purple. My belief is it"s an overpriced lube that is no better than anything else. It just also includes a short-lived purple dye added to it for marketing purposes. If it to be me, I"d go with Redline that doesn"t feel the need to add a dye come make civilization buy it.
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I"m no pan of royal Purple. My belief is it"s an overpriced lube the is no far better than noþeles else. The just additionally includes a short-lived purple dye included to it because that marketing purposes. If it were me, I"d go with Redline who doesn"t feeling the require to add a dye to make human being buy it.
Why perform you feel the RP is overpriced? The oil is priced whereby Mobil, Castrol, Pennzoil, Valvoline are priced. I perform not have sufficient knowledge on every brands an enig formula, however just curious to know if her dislike in the direction of RP is due to the violet dye, or if they room on par through low end oil but selling in ~ premium prices?It"s a challenging market to get in when friend have developed brands like Mobil and also Castrol, so adding a meaningless dye because that marketing objectives doesn"t matter to me, as long as the doesn"t injury my vehicle and I am overpaying for snake oil.Personally ns did usage RP yet have moved on come Red Line and also Amsoil together my go to oils....with the exception of engine oil which I get the finest priced name brand from advanced Auto.
Red heat made a heck of a difference, i would certainly advise against this. Ns wonder if this is among the factors there space haters the this transmission. They room not utilizing the finest oil to remove the unstable shifts and also noises.
I certainly would not use Synchromesh indigenous Pennzoil or GM. That specific lube has actually too many complaints about how the infection shifts and behaves after filling the transmission with it. That meets the specs however it certain doesn"t have many who like just how it works when they use it. Not to point out it is a conventional equipment lube which throughout super cold conditions can reason shifting issues.

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I have actually used Redline MTL and also then royal Purple Synchomax and can essentially tell no difference in performance in between the two. When I adjusted to the Redline indigenous the factory oil, I immediately could tell smoother shifting, specifically when cold. Noise level was around the exact same for a crate of rocks the is the NV3550. Had actually I switched to RP indigenous the factory oil first, I probably would have praised the RP together a power enhancement, yet the Redline netted the same results as the RP. Pricing is all over the location on this stuff. Two instances would command you to believe that the RP is much less expensive., I referred to as my regional Napa Auto and also I can acquire Redline MTL for $12.49 qt. Vs. Imperial Purple Synchomax in ~ $18.71 qt. That there is a far-ranging difference in cost between the two.