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I have an Iver Johnson serial number i 33714 I\"m trying to find out the version production yearand any kind of other details I can gain on it
Not sure around it being huge frame or little frame I deserve to tell u it is a optimal break and I think it to it is in a 38 short I\"m not sure inspect the pics I\"m sending and also serial # and see what u have the right to tell me and also it is exterior hammer. Through serial under gripand owls dealing with front the weapon
You show up to have a Iver Johnson safety and security Automatic 2nd Model Hammer Version. \"Automatic\" in this situation refers come the truth the shells will immediately eject when the action is opened. The serial number shows it was manufactured in 1903. That is crucial to keep in mind that this gun to be designed to shoot black color powder cartridges, not modern smokeless powder ammunition, and can be dangerous if you choose to fire it with modern-day ammo. In excellent problem the gun would be worth about $175. In it\"s present condition it has no genuine value except as a historial artifact. Conserve it and show it to your very own grandchildren.
I have a Iver Johnson optimal Break 5 shooting hammer gun. Serial number A15589 on the bottom of hand grip. I would info around it and what calber it is. Additionally will the fire modern ammo. In great condition what would certainly its aprox. Worth be.


I have actually an Iver johnson Serial number A90722, No safety, double ost peak latch, black grips. When was that manufactured and also what is that value? Mine is in an excellent condition and also works really well mechanically.
More info is necessary. Please check out the Sticky post in the \"Ask the pro\"s what it\"s worth\" classification re: Iver Johnson and submit your post there. You\"ll acquire a quick an answer that method too.And welcome to TFF!
Hi all. I just purchases one iver Johnson hammerless 5 shot top break revolver. Don\"t know if it\"s a .32 or .38. Serial #is 4680 both on the underside the the trigger and also under the grip,left side. I\"ve noticed all of the serial number I watch posted have actually a letter and also a 5digit #. Have the right to anyone call me much more about mine?
I too am searching for a manufacture date. According to the \"blue book of gun Values\" my pistol is a \"third model safety automatic hammer (smokeless powder cartridge)\", shown by 22 cal, small frame, 3in barrel, double top post four overcome pins, coil spring, etc. The serial number is E368XX. Have the right to anyone tell me the year of manufacture?Thanks
IAW Mr. Goforth\"s book ( the same individual that furnished Blue book it\"s info ) her gun to be made in 1931
I have a Iver Johnson revolver that has actually no caliber printed on it anywhere. The does have actually a serial number though. G43737. It has actually a removable cylinder v a pin release. I have checked the hole in the cylinder and its too huge to be a 32 caliber. A 38 unique goes in okay however is also long. Deserve to anyone tell me what this point is? Appreciate any information in ~ all. Thanks, Flyez1

Welcome to TFF.Your \"pin release\" summary indicates a solid-frame model and also not a optimal break, and the just solid frame .38 v G serial number prefix ns find detailed is the post-war model 55-SA make 1963-1974.It need to be significant with that model number and caliber is the old .38 S&W round, which is much shorter and slightly bigger diameter than .38 Special.

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I have actually a top break 6-shot .32 in very great condition. Serial number H44481. Deserve to you help with info?Tnx, Richard

I have a peak break 6-shot .32 in very an excellent condition. Serial number H44481. Have the right to you assist with info?Tnx, Richard
Tnx again for details - and cartridge (I to be unsure). New here - plz advise if not correct forum. Ns am prepared to go to the selection (nearby Natl Forest) and am alarmed to view such a large barrel/cylinder gap. I measure .042 thou. The gun has actually seen very minimal use - is it typical to see such large b/c void in 91 year old little used I.J. Top-break exposed hammer .32s?Tnx,Richard
I have an Iver Johnson .32 brief with serial number 527375 under grips, i need assist find the end the year and also if I need smokeless or black powder. Thanks

I have actually an Iver Johnson .32 brief with serial number 527375 under grips, i need aid find out the year and if I need smokeless or black color powder. Thanks
Welcome come TFF however clear photos will certainly be necessary to identify what you have, together I. J. Make several very different .32s.And something\"s wrong v the serial you list as as soon as 100,000 to be reached, they started over through a new letter prefix.
I have an iver Johnson target design 55a .22 8 shot. Serial number H44679 top top the side. Have the right to I gain some information on it? (i.e. As soon as it was made) thanks
My wife recently inherited an Iver Johnson 5 shooting .38 caliber revolver through hammer, top break, automatically ejector, and also coil spring in the grip. It has a serial variety of C408XX. Us were hoping who could aid with one approximate date of manufacture and whether this is a second Model or third Model?
My wife recently inherited one Iver Johnson 5 shoot .38 caliber revolver through hammer, height break, automatically ejector, and also coil feather in the grip. It has a serial variety of C408XX. Us were hoping who could help with one approximate day of manufacture and whether this is a 2nd Model or third Model?
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